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  1. On 5/21/2021 at 4:43 PM, PinkElephant said:

    The basic coding of EN is sort of HTML. This was developed to bring text to a web site on all kind of devices, not for fancy formatting.

    This is flat out incorrect, false information.  The "basic coding" of Evernote is .enml. That stands for Evernote Markup Language. 

    .ENML currently has:

    • ALMOST-FULL support for the majority of html <tags> and 
    • FULL support for every css selector, property, and value.

    Evernote was designed explicitly to save and render fancy formatting.

    It's just that they block the user from being able to use the full potential of the language itself.

  2. On 2/26/2021 at 10:46 PM, Paladine said:

    This might be the wrong forum to ask, but is there any other note taking software that actually clips web pages, keeps the layout AND lets the user edit that clipped note?  

    I feel your pain.

    The real issue you're running into, is the inability to save CSS @media queries in web clips. 

    If web clips saved the media queries from the source web page. . . then your, my, & everyone else's desire to edit a web clip would — in an instant — vanish!

    If you could save media queries, all web clips would look like the source web page — on Evernote desktop & mobile.

    Problem is, the evernote webclipper makes everything in-line styles. & It strips all media queries from the clip. 

    There's ways to get around it, like using flex-box selectors, but doing that taxes a ***** ton of time.

    Even now, with the irritating innability to save god blessed media queries, evernote's clipper is the best in the world.  No other app lets you clip semi-full html & css, and displays it, inline, next to other native note content. None!

    I've likely spent more time than anyone on this forum, trying to circumvent the limitations of evernote's web clipper. 

    If you want workarounds, send me a dm. I'll tell you. Why not just say here?

    Because every time I've every publicly posted a workaround, they patch it. 

    Example: you used to be able to edit web clips, on evernote web by switching to the "classic editor." In the old classic editor, on evernote web, on desktop, you could edit any content in a note (web clips included) via the web inspector. And your edits would save.

    Now, on my version, you can't edit content in the classic editor any more.


  3. On 7/14/2021 at 3:51 AM, PinkElephant said:

    Apple Notes is getting closer

    Oooooo.  I haven't looked at apple notes in a while.

    It has tags now? 

    Can you search using tags - like you can in evernote?

    What's the search ui look like?  

    When I get an M1, I'm updating to MacOS 12.  Until then, I'm stuck with google articles (and you).  I can't find much on the new Notes App features.


  4. @DTLow

    Really?  You can't collapse images—from "inline" into "attachments"?

    I can, with any kind of image. This is available on all platforms I believe. Here's a gif. 


    And really...

    It takes 3 clicks to collapse an image from "inline" to "attachment", and then expand it back, from "attachment" to "inline"!



    CLICK #1: Click the image to make the menu pop up...



    CLICK #2: Click the "3-dot" menu in the menu... that just popped up.



    CLICK #3: Scroll down to the "VIEW AS" section of the next menu and hit either "Attachment" or "image."



    That's it.



    P.S.  How about a vote!  

  5. On 2/24/2021 at 12:32 AM, DMiddleton said:

    My point wasn't that I believed the Nimbus roadmap was gospel, it was just an example of how even a simple page showing what may be coming or in development would be helpful for EN users - and yes, with actual stuff they were doing and not glued on beards.

    I know man.  Sorry.  As I was writing that, I was thinking of not posting it.  Sorry if it peeved you or anyone.  

    I just saw the word "Nimbus" and had one of those triggers everyone is talking about.  Nothing to do with you. 

    I probably should have said this first:  I think your DYI roadmap is really cool. Because I do.

    When I first saw it, I noticed how cool the table looked on that shared page.  I don't use tables much, because of how clunky they are.  Your page made me wish tables in active notes were better. 

    Have they reached out to you at all on that—to help/clarify maybe?  

    On 2/24/2021 at 12:32 AM, DMiddleton said:

    Also, EN is not much better in terms of development priorities given their recent 'new feature' of the Home Page (glorified links page), when they have still not fixed basic things or restored missing bits (align an image in a note or record and playback audio).

    Seriously!  Although, I would say the overall "fit and polish" of... "cough" the UI/UX gives me hope. 

    Not being able to align an image though.  That drives me absolutely insane. Almost as much as this!...




  6. On 11/24/2020 at 12:54 AM, DMiddleton said:

    Just wanted to share this as an example of how simple this could be, Nimbus Note have a public roadmap:

    Nimbus Roadmap - Nimbus Note (nimbusweb.me)

    It doesn't have any dates or expected ship times but at least it gives users a sense of what they are working on and what is to come.
    This was my initial wish in this post that EN did something similar just to give the users some general idea of what is happening as the lack of communication is what is causing a lot of unrest in the community I feel.

    I've gotta jump in here. 

    Nimbus does indeed have that roadmap, but...

    Looking at that roadmap is like paying 5 bucks to see a "bearded lady" in one of those old circus tents.

    You're all excited. You go in.  You see her... You get closer, and then... You realize the beard is glued on. 😞

    Anticipation. Excitement. Then trick! That's my experience looking at that roadmap. I get excited about features I see planned, and then whatever I'm excited about either gets pushed to the left, completely removed, or "get's completed" but actually isn't.

    That, and the majority of what they release—and spend time on developing—isn't on that page.  

    ( And yes, I know, I'm going insanely off-topic here. For that, you have my apologies.) 

    I know, because they have a "what's new" widget in the app that notifies you every time a new feature is released. 

    The most recent 2 "features":

    • being able to highlight text in a note in 38.5 different colors, ( when you still can't highlight/markup anything in a pdf—which is the only "highlighting" anyone wants)
    • Being able to highlight that very same text in a different, 'jazzier',  "extra special" highlight... that is "special"... because it has a border around it. 

    Like why would you do those things, when:

    • You still can't search inside a pdf and see the results?
    • You still can't search with more than one tag? 
    • You still can't do anything... with any of the notes or media inside notes... once you've spent all that time putting it in your notes. (And that's the big kicker.  You don't realize it until you're 5 months in, got a whole bunch of stuff in there, and start to see the glue patching all your trapped data together.)

    I actually moved from Nimbus to Evernote because of that roadmap.  Broken promises dude. 

    Well that, and the fact that evernote has .enml.

    It's like an institution. So many apps build their apps around being able to "import evernote notes" (while losing bunches of formatting). 

    I do agree with you 100% though.  

    A Evernote feature roadmap would be great.

    I'd hope they only put stuff on it that's actually going to be implemented. 

    No bearded ladies!


    P.S. Sorry for the trolling.  I felt like venting.


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  7. Hi there,

    Is there a way to "auto-generate" annotation summaries when attaching a PDF in Evernote... that you've annotated... in an app outside of Evernote?

    Unless  I'm wrong, and missing something, the only way to get those summaries to show up at the top of a PDF in Evernote, is to physically annotate the PDF in Evernote... 

    I can't get my pdfs from Notability to generate annotation summaries.

    If you've tried something like this and were successful (or weren't) I want to hear about it!

    There has to be a way. 


  8. On 1/13/2021 at 1:20 PM, HeBoIz said:

    Can't we be just happy that there is at least one new feature

    Bingo!  You said it.

    The dashboard is a "sign".  The big "Evernote Development Wheel' is actually alive & moving—now visibly.

    That is a very Very good thing.  The dashboard, and the speed it was shipped, i think, is like the "first big positive benefit" of the architectural switch to PWA from native. 

    They can now ship stuff way faster. 

    Aside from the scratchpad, I don't use the dashboard. Still, I don't care.  This feels like they're competing again.  

    What I hope, is that this is just the beginning, and soon, we'll start to see them innovate and push the envelope, and...

    ...give me some dang anchor links, or a way to link to specific lines of text!  Hazaa!

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  9. Hey @RobertJSawyer,  

    I saw your old post about changing the EN-color.txt file to affect some sort of visual change—

    I know it's a long shot, but do you have any kind of idea, or hunch, on how to control the color-inversions that occur inside web-clippings / web content when you're in dark mode?

    Everything that the great web clipper clips... is always inverted, when darkmode is on!

    Just thought I'd ask. 




  10. On 9/6/2020 at 7:37 AM, DTLow said:

    There doesn't seem to be much user support for this feature request

    There doesn't seem to be much support for any feature request. 

    You've been here a while.  You might know this, but:

    Have they ever implemented an actual feature request—of any kind or type?

    I'm really curious if they have.

  11. 13 hours ago, icurly said:

    Question- how do you enter fonts manually in the web inspector?

    Hey @icurly

    Pink Elephant is wrong.  It has nothing to do with anything being a "new client generation."  

    You just need to do it in a browser, and, based on your comment, of CMD + OPTION + I not working, I bet you're using safari.

    To be able to pull up the inspector in Safari, go to preferences, then select the advanced tab, then hit the box at the very bottom that says "Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar"


    Once that's done, go to the menu bar click 'DEVELOP', then click 'show web inspector' in the list, like in the pic. (Mine says "connect web inspector" yours will say "show". Hit it.


    Then you should see something like this:


    (It may be on the left side or right side of your screen.  Regardless, next step...)

    Go to the bottom where it says New Editor, click it, then click classic editor.


    After that, select the text you want to change the font on, right click it to pull up the menu, then click "Inspect element" near the bottom of the menu.


    Okay, now, after you do that, in the inspector, the very right column is going to change. The very top section of that column will show you the inline styles that are applied to the text you just inspected.

    You'll see something like this:


    Now, all you have to do is enter the font-family you want to change your text to, at the bottom of that box.Like this:


    I added "font-family: Superclarendon" to the last line in the top box.

    The font I inspected changed in the editor to that font.

    Switch back to the New Editor and you're all set!  Again, not all fonts work. The fonts in the list I shared are the ones that work for me.  Not sure if those work on windows. 

  12. On 6/17/2017 at 5:36 PM, DTLow said:

    I don't see an answer so here's what I'm working with

    Setting read-only status by updating the database column contentclass as described in https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/read_only_notes.php

    Setting contentClass makes a note read-only

    I'm using Applescript to access the database
    for example   do shell script "sqlite3 " & quote & targetDatabaseFile & quote & " " & quote & sqlText & quote

    Hey @DTLow, mind going further into detail about how to actually find the database folder?   I know I have to set the contentclass, and now I know that the contentclass isn't in an .enml, but in the database.  And... I didn't know that there was a database!  So any help is much appreciated. 🙂

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