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  1. So much this. A few years ago, I could open Evernote and instantly start capturing all sorts of stream of consciousness ideas, solutions, etc. Even with a few thousand notes. Now, I start it, and by the time I've updated and synced and can actually do something, I've already lost the train of thought. Oh, and a bunch of new notifications have arrived to distract me. Even without an update, it's painfully slow. And I can't leave it sitting open because of the memory leak issue I've experienced (bringing my 32GB system to its knees until I killed the Windows process).
  2. On 10.19.2 for Windows, I can't even get the note title on the PDF, nevermind the notebook or other critical data. No luck on the HTML either.
  3. I've had nonstop issues with printing and/or exporting to PDF, ever since this disaster was released. Evernote 10 can't really be used to print or export things, even now with all of the updates. It is an unmitigated disaster. You need to use the Legacy client for that - I just think you have to be careful to not run it as the same time as Evernote 10, because it could lead to data loss or something. Seems I read that somewhere here. Evernote 10 is absolute garbage.
  4. Evernote 10 is garbage. On my Samsung Galaxy 21+, I have serious lag and performance issues with the app. Garbage. On this machine, which has 32GB of RAM, I've had to shut down Evernote because it ate every single byte of available memory when left open. Garbage. On my new laptop, which has a Ryzen 7 5800U processor, performance is awful. There's always a lag when I first open the client, or when I create a new note. Garbage. I've largely replaced Evernote with other tools, and can't wait to eventually eliminate it altogether. This is coming from a premium user since 2014. Garbage. Their entire product team should be fired.
  5. Evernote 10 is an unmitigated disaster that was forced on users without any sort of consideration for how TERRIBLE it is. Electron is garbage and is known for performance issues.
  6. So there's no way to have the note title, notebook, and created/updated timestamps included in the printout? I'm not going to export notes as HTML and then manually edit them just so I can achieve this. In Legacy, we had to ability to include these critical details in note printouts. Now, I'm just stupidly printing notes (the ones that will fully and accurately print in this garbage new client, anyway) without any of that context. This new product is a complete dumpster fire. They've forced an alpha version of this product on everyone, interrupting workflows. I avoid opening Evernote as much as possible these days. Even on my S21+ Android device, performance is awful.
  7. I've spent the last 20 minutes trying unsuccessfully to find a way to print or export a note (whether in PDF or HTML) and include the note title, notebook, last edited, etc. All of the data that we'd get when printing from Evernote Legacy. I honestly hate this new client so much. I'm an Evernote Premium customer since 2014, and am still nervous that I've lost data. I used to use Evernote all day every day; now it's an absolute performance and usability nightmare, and I open the client as little as possible. Electron has completely ruined so much.
  8. I made the mistake of leaving the new Evernote Windows client open on my office computer, which has 32GB of RAM. Later that night, I started getting notifications about various services failing. The next day, I come in to find that 97% of my machine's memory is used, with Evernote being the majority of that. I killed the Evernote process and my memory usage dropped down to about 15%. The new client is an unmitigated disaster.
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