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  1. I am experiencing this same cursor hoping issue on all platforms - Mac, iPad, and iPhone. One more point, after the cursor hops to the top of the Note, the Note is duplicated 1 or more times.
  2. Community ... Right clicking and selecting Annotate this image -- does absolutely nothing. Work-around: Click the pencil icon that appears above the selected image and that will open the Evernote edit and annotate feature.
  3. I feel your pain fellow Premium EN members. I use EN across multiple devices - Winblowz laptop, Mac Air, iPad, and iPhone. EN v10.x.x has failed on Winblowz, MacAir, and iPad. EN v10.x.x has been duplicating notes. I have experienced some lame message about "duplicate note has been found" or something similar. I spend a few minutes to diff the notes to identify the current version. More recently EN v10.x.x prompts with a dialog that it failed to save and all my entries prior to the save are obliterated. OneNote is looking like a good alternate solution. Does anyone know how to export from EN and import to OneNote?
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