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  1. Last week, I was unable to login to my Evernote Account. The message was something about Evernote deciding to split my personal account from my business account. I have had these accounts for years. In the case of my personal account, decades. So... I followed the prompts, did what the system told me to, and was able to login to my business account. None of my thousands of personal notes were in my business account, so I logged off and logged in to my personal account. I was asked to change the password and complied. Now... not on of my personal notes are in my personal account. I am missing some seriously important material that I've been collecting for years. Book research, licenses, photos, scanned documents going back to my college-aged kid's birth certificate. I need help, gang. There seems no way to submit an email help ticket. I found no phone number to call. This seems to be the only channel available to connect with Evernote for help.
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