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  1. I agree -- at the end of the day it depends on how one uses Evernote. I use it as my basic (and initial) note application and so far I rarely use attachments.
  2. So basically we can discuss what are 'basic' tools? Why is the ability to invoke italics more basic than the ability to simply select and copy formatting as we would do with text content?
  3. I know this idea makes an appearance every once in a while. I've seen work-arounds like 'compose a note in Word and append it' -- this throws out the baby with the bath water. The point is to use Evernote as a basic tool. I would like to do as much as possible within Evenote. The ability to easily reproduce common formatting with something like a paintbrush is becoming as necessary as shortcut keys like Ctrl-I for italics or Ctr-V for inserting. This would make a very big difference.
  4. NOt sure if this is the best thread but I am an android user (hello SmartGTD??) who is looking for a good task manager. Two key specs are priority granularity (thus no Wunderlist) and dependable archiving/back-ups (good-bye most others). Astrid is in limbo till someone can read the Yahoo tea leaves. I was thinking there might be a nice Evernote tie-in (remember setting priorities is critical) but so far no luck. Any suggestons?
  5. How did you import Notes (I assume "Memo") from Palm. Or was it note associated with contacts? Either one (or, ideally, both,) how?
  6. Thanks I had gone that route but hadn't connected this with the icon -- I figured it would be somehow be an option upon saving.
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