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  1. I had this problem, it went away, and now it’s back. Great. Facepalm, Evernote.
  2. Same problem with notes turning to “view only. iOS on iPad Pro, Evernote 10.12. Evernote 10 has not been a joy. Slow, buggy, trying to be fancy. I still run Legacy in parallel for things like editing encrypted text -just nuts to have to do such workarounds. Has all the trappings of developers who are too close to the product and, even though they probably use it, have lost most claims to understanding how real (I.e. less-knowledgeable) people use it. Take a lesson from CraigsList: keep it simple and make it work!
  3. Agreed-EN should implement an opt-in timeframe for updates so users can choose when to update. (1) Being interrupted in the middle of workflow (got a “database update” or something like that yesterday that prevented me accessing EN to respond to a pressing question for several minutes) or (2) having a major bug (like the one that shut down all EN search function after an update last week) is just not acceptable. Make the updates mandatory after a certain time, ok. But give us a chance to time them for ourselves first. And, yes, those too-frequent cheery, newsy push announcements are really annoying. Send me an email.
  4. Thank you, sbliven. Shouldn't have to be this way but at least I can get some work Donne while they figure out what got bolixed THIS time.
  5. As of EN Update 10.8.4 this morning Feb 10 around 10:15am EST Search Function stopped working (returns "No notes found") on MacBook Pro Big Sur 11.2. Disconnected iPad Pro (iOS 14.4) from wifi prior to launching EN so it did not update. Search worked fine (as it always has). Reconnected to wifi, EN updated, Search no longer works. Search does not work using the web client either. Sorry guys, this really sucks on top of all the other recent update problems. Leaves me pretty much dead in the water.
  6. Add my voice about this ill-conceived change: Not being able to edit encrypted text without decrypting is close to, if not, a dealbreaker after using EN for a decade. Even worse as when re-encrypting after decrypting-to-edit much formatting is lost. This, inability to email note contents directly...EN must stop 'fixing' things that aren't broken. This stinks.
  7. Same problem, same reaction. EN has to stop 'fixing' stuff that isn't broken. Also noted that decrypting to edit and then re-encrypting loses formatting. Previously could edit encrypted text while viewing. Bring it back.
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