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  1. I too can no longer add new word spellings to the dictionary. Evernote used to be a reliable tool for my ICU visits when visiting my wife. I went in looking like an unprepared fool yesterday when my critical notes lost formatting as well after the "upgrade" to the "New" Nevernote! I'm extremely angry about this garbage that I'm now paying for. How could there be such a crucial mis step in an upgrade? There are, of course other issues with the new Evernote as well. Trash this upgrade Evernote and get it right this next time.
  2. I concur with you. The New Evernote has destroyed regular daily functions that are important to me, has thrown my productivity into a tailspin during a crucial time when I needed it for daily critical care. This leaves me to research other product options. I too am a paid subscriber, I've been on board since 2012 or 2013.
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