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  1. I noticed there have been 2 more updates since 3.1.1. each of which I've been ignoring. Has the old view been reinstated at all? Or am I stuck on 3.0.6 forever? I am a paying customer if that bears any consequence....
  2. Yes, I'm referring to card view. If you were to consider the real world example, is someone more likely to quickly pluck out a playing card scanning through the deck face up, or flip through the backsides which were marked with titles, descriptions, and an icon of the suit (still always handy of course when conducting searches). I also fear that I won't be able to convince others, especially older colleagues, to use the app when viewed this way. If they've never used Evernote before, I imagine they wouldn't realize a notebook contains all the files they're looking for if opened in card view. Card view can still be there for those who like it, just don't eliminate the old view completely.
  3. I downloaded the new version 3.1.1 and was unpleasantly surprised by the new uniform thumbnail view of notebook pages. I much preferred the previous view, where the thumbnail displayed the full content of the note. That way when the note was an image, the image took up the full size of the thumbnail. I feel it was much easier to find notes this way, each thumbnail different from the other. As it is now, all the thumbnails look the same. I also preferred the slider to increase and decrease the size of the thumbnails. Please don't make me downgrade! I'm already stuck on Safari 5.0.5 to keep the Evernote plugin intact.
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