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  1. With the rollout of version 10.6.9, there is still no option to disable spell checking entirely, but the ability to add individual words to Evernote's dictionary has been reintroduced. So if you find the frequent red underlines visually disruptive, now all you have to do is right-click each and every word and add them one at a time to the dictionary! ...Just to be clear, that was a joke. The mandatory spell checker is still a significant source of irritation, and a surprisingly basic feature to have been missing for so long. Unfortunately, judging by previous release timeframes, it could
  2. This fix doesn't seem to work--for me, at least, Evernote Web does not show any menu bar with these preferences. Why was this request marked "Solved" by @Shane D. in October 2020? The ability to disable spell checking is still not present in the current Windows version.
  3. I am receiving frequent popup notifications from Evernote's Windows app, which appear to be the result of the app automatically checking for updates. It's not clear why the Release Notes popup is appearing at all, since the announcement banner on the website indicates that 10.5.7 has been the most current version since December 15. Nonetheless, not only are these unnecessary repeat alerts occurring at least daily, they also steal focus from the current application whenever they appear, minimizing any fullscreen applications in use. As far as I can tell, there doesn't appear to be any opti
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