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  1. The more I read about this terrible product downgrade, the more amazed I am about the gall of the management team there to allow this to happen. They deliberately dumbed down the product, even for premium users, with no notice. And on top of that, the rollout is buggy has hell. This is an all-time F up and F you to users. I will be cancelling my EN and migrating. Maybe OneNote (free) is the answer, I don't know, but EN is soon to be in my rear-view mirror. Good riddance. (User for 10+ years)
  2. I suspect they have decided to take the "cash cow" approach now, cutting quality and costs and milking this (yes) for the cash. I have been a premium member for years and trusted these folks to manage my info in a reliable way. BIG MISTAKE. Finding a way out of EN as soon as it is practical. Will def steer people away from it.
  3. Here's a legit gripe: I upgraded today to bc was prompted to with "It's time..." Normally I'm not quick to pick up new versions but did this time. Big mistake. If they have known problems with this version, WHY are they still pushing it? Why not pause the rollout process? So many mistakes. Who runs this company? Does anyone have info on the ownership and management? SOmething has happened.
  4. This is perhaps the worst software update ever. What happened to EN? Do you have any idea how much you have been worked into our workflows? And you treat that as nothing. Arbitrary terrible changes, reductions in functionality. No heads up. Just everything you shouldn't do to customers. Again, what happened? Heads need to roll. I went back to legacy and ALL OF MY NOTES NOW HAVE DEFAULT SEGOE 10 FORMAT. Are you kidding? I am visually impaired and have set larger fonts for MANY HUNDREDS OF NOTES.
  5. Just updated to the newest Windows version and it is just a debacle. Whoever runs your company should be fired. Seriously. I rolled back to the legacy version and have mssing notes. All notes reformatted to the default font Segoe 10. Very bad as I am visually impaired and have set large fonts for HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of notes. You have violated a trust. I trusted my information and my workflow to you. You have FAILED MISERABLY. And yes I am shouting at you. Deal with it.
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