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  1. I don't usually comment on products or do stuff like this because it's too troublesome. But seriously Evernote has been my main source of management for my thoughts and decisions for 7 or 8 years. So I need to contribute to this. Basically the new Evernote is obviously bad and the creators know it. The old one was great, it was what we needed. Every document or note or reminder or task I depended all on evernote because it was reliable. Now there's so many changes it's an entirely new app. Stay true to your roots man seriously. We liked the app because of the old layout and format. It was well thought and catered for the users. Now it's clearly catered for something else, not the users. And so many limitations from the colours to the sorting of the notes and such. The flexibility of the previous version was why we liked it and kept using it for years. It's ridiculous how so many software products went down such a route. I'm going back to the legacy app until you bring back the aspects that everyone liked. If the legacy app can't be used any more I'm migrating. I hope those of you who are unhappy will leave too when the time comes to prove our point. Assuming they still need our business by then.
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