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  1. Honestly, I do not believe that anyone @Evernote is interested on this! It is so disappointing! Does anyone here know how to contact customer care - is there any possibility to contact them?
  2. Many thanks to PinkElephant for the hint. I installed Evernote Legacy App today. It works perfectly for me for now. The question is, what can I do to ensure continuity of my solution and process for the future? A content solution without simplest and most important PDF features (which actually are a part of MacOS) is not acceptable. Does anyone here know how long the EN Legacy App will be supported?
  3. Did you ever heard about UCD (User Center Design)? It is in opposite to what Evernote has done. As already commented (and submitted as feedback to EN), the new interface is less ergonomic than the previous one. Cancelling a function to rotate and delete pages from a PDF document, which actually is a part of MacOS is just insane. I will use the possibility to downgrade my Macs today and look for alternatives. Many users will follow, I’m afraid...
  4. Rotating and deleting pages directly in EN was essential and not only to me - see multiple posts inside and outside of this feed. I cannot accept Evernote to removing this from an application - this feature was significantly driving my decision to go for premium years ago and to trust EN to host my important content. I understand that there is a strategical decision to replace an application with a browser (viewer). Whoever took this crazy decision, the benefit seems to be on a short one for Evernote, not for the customers. It will have long term consequences (as any decision). At least, throu
  5. On Mac, editing a PDF directly in EN was always possible before the annoying update end of 2020. I would rather change the complete solution before I start building a workflow over multiple applications... and I will do if Evernote is not willing to give this feature back to the users. It is really difficult to understand how this can be taken out for paying customers. I’m really very disappointed.
  6. It would work for me... but, is the legacy app supported by Evernote? I do not want to risk to lose content...
  7. It’s really annoying. I’m a paying customer (premium subscription) for many years. My assumption was that major issues will be solved in a short amount of time but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Very disappointing! Unfortunately, this is pushing me to look for Evernote alternatives now!
  8. I'm facing exact the same issue, it's very frustrating. What I know is, that has nothing to do with MacOS Big Sur. I updated Evernote to version 10.1.7 before updating OS and the issue was already there. Honestly, I was hoping to get it resolve with Big Sur but unfortunately it looks like an Evernote internal issue. I hope, it will be resolved soon?!
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