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  1. I would call that a stop gap measure rather than a fix since we have been given no indication by EN of whether the Legacy version will continue to operate on Windows or, even if it does, how long it will be supported. We can also safety assume that it won't be enhanced from it's current state. What's more, we also don't know whether some of the features of Legacy such as the ability to right click/save from Outlook will ever be implemented in V10 or later because no road map has been provided. The reality is that I and many others, are being moved away from a feature rich Windows ve
  2. A week or two ago, I received my annual subscription renewal notice from Evernote which prompted me to revaluate the situation with this disastrous new Windows version. I had already reverted back to the legacy version some months ago due to the removal of some important features (to me) such as the right click and save from Microsoft Outlook. I have no confidence in that feature or others ever being reintroduced into the Windows version nor do I have confidence that the legacy version will continue to be supported so I embarked upon a trial migration to Microsoft Onenote (which I alrea
  3. For me, Evernote V10 is one of the most disappointing updates that I have ever made to any software. . It takes ages to startup compared to previous versions . There’s no “sync” button so there’s always some uncertainty about whether everything is up to date . The clip option has been removed from Outlook (for me, this was by far the most common source of Evernote content) . I find it much more difficult to navigate than previous versions . The editor may be better but, in my case, I rarely enter or update documents using the editor ( I primarily use Evernote for saving
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