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  1. Thanks peterfmartin for your response. Not happy with Evernote editing, but great to know that the community is active and I get the response to queries and questions. In the mean time, I am thinking of editing html notes in text editor, and storing them in Evernote. Or if that get painful, then using 'find' and 'grep' tools in a directory to search for notes. I will see how things evolve for me. Thanks again. :-)
  2. Hi there, Not sure which is a good place to ask this question or make this comment. It is about Mac client for Evernote. I have been using Evernote for a few months now, and really like the search functionality and auto-sync with phone. But I must say that the quality of note-editor is not good, to say the least. Even the iPhone version has the option to add heading etc, but the mac version of the note-editor (what you see below the listing of notes) is pretty lame. You will see this if you try to write anything more than a bulleted list: tables are hard to compose, section and subsections need to be made up using bolds and increase fonts. And who thought of making the tab size equal to 5 spaces... make it 2, 4, 8, or something less non-standard. My question is: is there any plan to make the note editing somewhat more tolerable? Sorry for being so critical about note-editing in Evernote in this post. Given how good Evernote is, I don't want to keep some detailed notes outside of evernote just because I cannot edit nicely formatted html notes in evernote. And writing up a basic HTML editor shouldn't even be that hard. Thanks, ~yogi
  3. Hi there, I like to reduce the use of mouse, and there is one action I see myself doing all the time in Evernote... and would love to hear if I can do this without using the mouse. I am using Mac, Lion. I have Version 3.0.6 (01/31/2012) build 221382 of Evernote. Here are the steps: 1. Clear the search (and go to all notes). 2. Focus on the search box. 3. Enter some text in the search bar to find some note(s). Let us say 8 notes match the search query. 4. (bonus) Go to, let us say, third note in the search results (out of 8 found). 5. Go in the edit area of the selected note, and change the note. 6. Save the note. That is all. I have a keyboard shortcut for 1+2 using Butler. 3 is just entering some text. I don't know how to do 4... change from first selected note in the index to second and third and later. 5 is the killer and my _main_ questions... Questions: How do I go to the edit area of the selected note? 6 is fine, just Cmd+S. Being able to do this just from keyboard will be very very effective (for me, and I am sure others would like this too). Is there a way to do this? Thanks, ~yogi
  4. Hello there, I have been using evernote for a few months now, and I love it. The ability to capture almost any digital content, and then able to search it. Oh, did I say search it too! Okay, here is a little bit of a problem I am running into. I often times store text content that I need to search later for for precise phrases and regular expressions. You know, all those lines in which "darling" is followed by "dear", or more realistically, "WebHandler" is followed by "function". And as many of you can attest, this kind of precise searching is not Evernote's strengths, unfortunately. So, I found the place where evernote stores its content (~/Library/Application Support/Evernote in Mac), and then just run grep on that directory (well, grep is very slow, so I actually make a git repo out of the directory, and run "git grep", which turns out to be more than 10 or sometimes 50 times faster). That works quite well, except for... yes, except for... follow along... The problem is that I want to search through the title and content of a post. But evernote stores the titles only in logs, not with actual posts. And posts are stored in strange looking files. Executing... [git --no-pager grep -C1 -I -i -n --full-name --color=auto --all-match -e "function" -e "webhandler"] data/101370/content/p1864/content.enml-4-<div><br/></div> data/101370/content/p1864/content.enml:5:<div>function MyAwesomeWebHandler {</div> data/101370/content/p1864/content.enml-6-<div> echo "Hello World\n";</div> So, once I find the appropriate file (using the command above) that contain the appropriate keywords, it is hard to go back and find the actual note that has it. And this method is not able to find keywords in the title. Well, it can, but it hard to map back to actual notes in evernote. Executing... [git --no-pager grep -C1 -I -i -n --full-name --color=auto --all-match -e "open graph title"] logs/Evernote.3.log-4-2012-01-20 12:17:47 0xc12e20 [ENNoteAttributeFieldController] DEBUG: Updating note property 'title' from text field. logs/Evernote.3.log:5:2012-01-20 12:17:47 0x1bbf4340 [ENNoteReIndexOperation] INFO: Reindexing note: 'Untitled Note Open Graph Title' [3ae2c01e-831f-44c3-8900-96aba931621a] logs/Evernote.3.log-6-2012-01-20 12:18:58 0x229cc20 [ENNoteReIndexOperation] INFO: Reindexing note: 'Untitled Note' [(null)] -- logs/Evernote.3.log-25-2012-01-20 12:21:21 0x1e28e370 [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sending note changes... logs/Evernote.3.log:26:2012-01-20 12:21:21 0x1e28e370 [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Syncing note: 'Untitled Note Open Graph Title' 3ae2c01e-831f-44c3-8900-96aba931621a logs/Evernote.3.log-27-2012-01-20 12:21:21 0x1e28e370 [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Syncing note: 'Test2 Note' <no guid> How the hell I am easily supposed to get a handle on corresponding note in the evenote UI? :-) I can see that there is a unique ID of the post, but how do I access that post easily in the evenote UI? If you have got any ideas, and have tried something like this, I will appreciate any help. Or if you have got a better method of doing regular expressions search in evernote, I would love to hear that too. May be I am just making it way more complicated than it has to be. :-) Thanks for reading, ~yogi
  5. I think that it would be worth reporting, yes. I did report it by sending email to evernote. Thanks Jeff.
  6. Hmmm... in my case (Mac), [dell] does NOT match [www.dell.com]. Possibly a bug? Actually, when I search in a single note (command-F), then it does not match. When I search all notes (command-option-F), then it narrows down the list of all notes to the ones that match but does not highlight. I don't think this is the expected behavior. May be worth reporting as bug? The exact match "exact phrase" idea is great. I have been using it. :-) Thanks for the knowledge base link. Definitely helpful.
  7. Thanks for your quick response. The sourceurl trick is helpful.
  8. Thanks jbenson2. Good to know that! Any suggestions for how to keep notes such that I can search for notes containing a particular website, for example? I do a lot of copying pasting of links from emails and it is hard to remember if the website had http:// in front of it or not. Actually, even the search string [www.miss] does not match [www.mission.com]. I don't quite understand now. So, [.] is either a word separator or not. If it is, the [mission] should match [www.mission.com] and if it is not a word separator, then [www.miss] should match [www.mission.com]. But neither [mission], not [www.miss] match [www.mission.com]. What I am missing in the semantics? Any pointers? Best, ~yogi
  9. Hi there, I am quite new to evernote, but I love the program. There are a couple things that annoy me (nothing is perfect), but I am sure there must be some way around to them. I did some searching in the forums, but did not quite get the right keywords. * When I search for, say, mission, and the note contains the word sfmissionbay, then the note does not match. Actually, even worse, a note containing www.mission.com does not match either! Is there a way to change this behavior? * On a similar note, is it possible to do regular expression search? If I wanted to match a word boundary, I would explicitly put something like '\' (vim syntax). Thanks for reading, ~yogi
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