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  1. The new Evernote for Windows is very slow to sync with the web. I can't find a sync button in the new app. I need to be able to sync the app so that it displays the most recent notes. The syncing capabilities between my phone, tablet, laptop and web are crucial. The tagging of notes is crucial. I'll be honest... I've been using this product since 2008 (I'm a premium user). This new update has basically destroyed the functionality of the product. It is slow... very slow. Doesn't sync very well. Some tagging functions are no longer available. You've removed functions that I used dail
  2. I rely heavily on tagging to keep my notes organized and for project management. In the new Evernote for Windows I have two issues right now. 1. How do you delete a tag from Evernote? (I can remove tags from notes, but I can't delete a tag permanently from Evernote when it's no longer needed.) 2. Application is very slow to respond to tag changes. If I remove a tag from a note and then filter for the tag... the note still appears. Previously, when I removed a tag it immediately removed the note from the list of notes classified under that tag. Now, I have to wait several minutes or
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