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  1. Here it clearly states that switching to previous editor will be available for limited time only. So after that period I will be able to display my notes correctly only in legacy applications. For instance at the moment new Windows app doesn't allow to select older editor. I would understand if it was for new notes only, but it's not. My issue is that this changes affect almost all my notes I took throughout last few years. And most importantly, how I can be sure that the next change will not destroy what I did today? That really puts into question putting any effort into your notes here or even using this service at all. The one solution that comes to my mind is "freeze functionality" that would disable the note editing but also froze in time the note layout / how it looks. = I use Marxi.co Evernote is very specific service provider and should be more considerate about how the changes they introduce impact their user base. Migrating between cloud storage providers is very easy and ex-clients can come back attracted by better conditions. In case of E I wouldn't expect anybody ever returning after they leave this place.
  2. I've been using Evernote (with premium) for almost 4 years now. However, most of a time I created notes using external Markdown editor for Evernote. It seem's like the new editor displays my notes without proper formatting. It's braking change for me. At least web app still allows to siwtch back to classic editor that will display hundreds of my notes properly, but I heard it will be dropped too. What is the point of introducing changes that will destroy houres of my and many others users work? And where is the option to backup my notes in some html format that will preserve my effort? I still have a year sub, but I'm really disapointed with this. I have almost ~700 notes and I really consider moving them out of E if nothing will change. Until recently I've really had a satisfying experience with E and I would like to prolong it. What are my options? ? Below some very mild example, but some of my notes look terrible now... Classic: New:
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