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  1. Since most of the Evernote integrations seem to be broken with version 10, does anyone know whether the integration with FileThis still works - as in have experience with using it? Thanks.
  2. Add another victim of the version 10 "update". I'm now getting errors when adding and updating notes on Windows and iOS. Performance is slow and intermittent. I should have known better. I've been a heavy user of Evernote for years, use it all day every day. This may be the straw that pushes me to migrate to something else. The communication about this update was totally inadequate. The code was clearly not production ready. Really incredible that a company with such a long tenure and large customer base would release this dreck. To be fair, the UI looks pretty but I really don't care if it doesn't work. Will be reverting to legacy version but obviously that's not a long term solution so I'll need to start investigating alternatives. Too bad, Evernote has been such a useful tool.
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