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  1. I can't get it to work once downloaded. I get a popup note stating the side by side configuration is incorrect. After reading all of the comments here, I was previously thinking about upgrading, now I am looking to see what other options there are to Evernote. This was an awesome program, now I can't even use it. When I click on a note, none of the content is there. So I go online, when I click on devices, there is nothing there either. The other day, it showed my devices, now I can't even see that. Looks like you guys want to lose all of your customers based on the comments I am seeing.
  2. I noticed that you said you were importing all of your notes into Onenote. I need to do something, I can't use the new version, my notes show up but when I click on a note, I can't see the content of the note. I have no idea how to export from Evernote or import elsewhere. I was thinking about upgrading to premium, but this mess changed my mind. I can see my content if I go online to Evernote.com and login in, but I prefer to use the computer app. Does onenote work as well as Evernote?
  3. I have the same problem, however, I changed my hard drive and downloaded Evernote again, and all of the notes show as being there, but when I click on a note, there isn't any content. If I log in to the online version, everything is there. I got an email saying they are unable to add my device, so I took my phone off of my account since I don't use it on my phone, but that doesn't help. The system shows I have two devices, my old computer hard drive, and my new hard drive, yet the new one doesn't show the content of the notes. I absolutely love Evernote, but stupid stuff like this is insane.
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