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  1. Oh wow, these answers came way quicker than I had anticipated. Thanks for the response. Good to know that I am not the only one experiencing the discomfort. I did notice that there internally linked text is colored green and externally linked text is colored blue, this is actually really nice. Well just see what happens I guess.
  2. Dear community and Evernote team, I recently updated to 10.4.3 and found that my clickable hyperlinked images were no longer clickable in the same way. They no longer acted as anchors and the URL I added using Ctrl/Cmd+K appeared below the image in the o so familiar blue color. I really liked this functionality and have no idea why it has been removed. I waited for the minor update to see whether this kink would be smoothed out but am now on 10.4.4 and the "problem" persists. Clicking my hyperlinked text doesn't even immediately direct me to the address anymore. It now first displays a tooltip containing the address which then can be clicked to redirect. Why has the option to add a link to an image been removed? Will it return? Can I choose to have anchors immediately direct me to the corresponding URL onClick? If not, is this a feature that is coming down the pipeline? I hope you can find the time to answer my questions, Sincerely, LuckyPressure
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