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  1. The actual question is in the screenshots. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s42/sh/d8477bf3-260d-d35d-7d73-71258865c5dd/1165e1d681b589875519ad80af163f76 https://www.evernote.com/shard/s42/sh/12641e25-071f-0fd2-92c4-e05b088c7284/31007dfa094dd469e2608f845c0ae207
  2. It seems to me that they do not care and they do not care what and who thinks!
  3. I've been considering switching to Bear or Nimbus for six months now. I can say the following about nimbus: 1. There is no integration of reminders with the calendar. It is very important. 2. The client for macos is unstable and starts from the third or fourth time. And maybe, like now, it won't start at all. Always asking for a reboot. How it will work with 500, 1000, 5000 notes I don't understand at all. 3. When trying to import all notes from Evernote, it hangs at 4 percent overnight. I wrote in support and nothing. 4. No integration with spark. No gmail integration. I use this very often. 5. It is not possible to automatically create notes from letters redirected to an internal address like in evernote.
  4. Came across today that web-clipper cannot save pdf from chrome browser. "Due to browser restrictions, you cannot copy the page." But I did not set any restrictions and until today everything was great!
  5. Came across today that web-clipper cannot save pdf from chrome browser. Perhaps, of course, this is not related to the topic.
  6. What's good about microsoft? To-do? So it is also no good. I experienced it when I finished my underlist. Complete nonsense! The only thing that keeps me on evernote so far is the calendar reminder integration.
  7. I also made a huge mistake and updated my mac to 10.3.7! I haven't noticed anything positive yet. But the negative is full! 1. The word document preview is gone 2. The ability to select all notes for export has disappeared. 3. When installing the system from the appstore, the system does not start - it requires access to the keychain and crashes. 4. When inserting an attachment (via Insert - Attachment), freezing is noticeable. 5. The system has lost the ability to "share", which is very sad. Is it safe to downgrade?
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