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  1. The new Evernote helper does not allow the same functionalities as the old evernote legacy. I need the helper to allow me to compose a note that integrates BOTH text and screenshots which one could do with the old versions (still available on legacy). Currently I can either take a screnshot OR write a quick note but not do both in the same note. This is a tremendous loss as I used this function a LOT. It is very useful these days with Zoom meetings and presentations to be able to make quick annotated shots or when I am making literature reviews and want to capture citations and then write notes along. I REQUEST that this functionality is brought back again and integrated in the new version. What happens is that I have to have both versions installed. The new and the legacy one to use the legacy Helper.
  2. The old clipper had great functionalities. It allowed me to clip from any program and anything on my screen and send it to my notes. It was easy to lose and verypractical. The new webclipper takes a long time to open, is not very responsive and it is much more limitted in its abilities. I would like to see a Clipper available again that is not just a browser add-on but allows me to clip anything on my screen
  3. Having updated to the latest version made me want to quit evernote. I use it for long, I love it and I felt betrayed. The layout is awful, and simplistic, it lost important functionalities, the desktop app does not clip anymore. The first time all my notebooks DISAPPEARED!!!! WHICH MADE ME PANIC as the whole support for a book I am writing is there. Please consider re-evaluating the new version better. The design is poor and it seems like a cheap basic web based app. It really lost its appeal and it made me want to consider alternatives....
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