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  1. Hi Johnny, I use my own variation of gtd, in EN, based on what I saw others doing and my own work habits and preferences. What's important to me is that whatever system and apps I use, it must be simple and flexible. Most of the productivity apps I've tried were too confining. I was already using EN for reference material and decided to try it for gtd. After a lot of trial and error, I found a set-up that works for me. I've changed my system a number of times. When I see something I like, I adopt it. When something's not working for me, I get rid of it. In EN, I use one notebook (plus an Inbox which I use for processing new notes). I also use tags. But I've found I need fewer and fewer tags because of EN's search capability. I do my best to add key words in the title and body of my notes. Most important (for me) is to make sure that any action-oriented note has at least one tag, indicating time--when I might want to do something or look at it again. Without that, there are notes I would never see again. (Perhaps I will be able to adapt some or all of GM's system, once I understand it better.) For projects, I assign a tag that ties all the notes together. I also use note linking. Context is not especially important to me but I know it is very important to others. So, yes, read DA's book and also look at what others are doing. There are a lot of brilliant people here on the forum. Try some of their ideas, experiment and see what works best for you. Most of all, relax. Don't worry about finding the perfect set up or method. I see people spending way too much time and energy tinkering with their system instead of getting things done. In the beginning, I did that, too. Have fun and keep us posted. David
  2. You don't need to be a premium user to have local notebooks. Local notebooks can be searched and the notes in them can have tags. As you correctly point out, they will not be synced with EN or your other devices, so you must back them up yourself. Many users keep sensitive data in local notebooks. Others encrypt these notes and then sync them. And some sync everything, unencyrpted. It comes down to your level of comfort (and how sensitive your data is).
  3. +1 for format painter. I was going to open a new thread to suggest this but found this one.
  4. I just did the same thing and it feels great. I realized that I would probably never read all of those emails and I could just as easily not read them if they were archived as I could if they were in the Inbox. So, a few clicks and they were gone. It helps to know they still exist somewhere, however. No stars, no labels (I had over 50). . . mind like water (with an elephant by my side. . .)
  5. Excellent post, Jamie. I'm not (yet) paperless so I don't have anything to add (yet). But I am inspired by your example. David
  6. Here's a service that will scan your books (etc.) for $1 per 100 book pages. Amazing but true! http://1dollarscan.com/ Saw the article at http://lifehacker.com/scanning/ David
  7. Flow means "achieving the status of 'Alliance Lackey'". (This is my 50th post )
  8. Thanks, Joshua. I still haven't done the big purge. I've got 16,500+ in my Inbox and I'll probably start on a weekend. I've been removing labels and filters and doing some unsubbing in preparation. Several times, I've clicked the arrow next to the gmail inbox, causing the entire "everything else" box to disappear. My inbox is then temporarily empty, and against the pale blue of my selected template, it looks sublime. I can actually feel myself relaxing as I gaze at the empty screen. . . So, I'm looking forward to it! In the mean time, I'm using my one @Reply label and forwarding important emails to Evernote to be tagged for action or reference. In another thread, I was asked why I would need @Reply, couldn't I just leave those few emails in the Inbox for the day? I think that might work, which would mean having no labels and archiving or Ever-noting everything. David
  9. Just bought Scrivener and I am delighted to learn that note links work (and are clickable!)
  10. I used to have Area of Focus tags but I found something that worked better for me. I pre-pend my tags based on area of focus. So, if my business is abc, tags for that area of focus are abc-blog, abc-ideas, abc-training, and so on. This allows me to organize and filter as needed by AofF. It also lets me organize tags for easier browsing and, of course, eliminated the extra AofF tag. I do all GTD in Evernote now. The only thing I miss is calendar integration but I post note links in gCal and this works well enough (for now). David
  11. I wrote a post about my plan for achieving "inbox zero" using Evernote: http://www.attorneymarketing.com/2011/10/11/evernote-and-my-plan-for-achieving-inbox-zero/ And this one, about using Evernote (and email) search instead of filing: http://www.attorneymarketing.com/2011/10/13/save-time-by-not-filing-email-study-proves-search-is-quicker/ David Ward P.S. If you're interested in my other posts about Evernote: http://www.attorneymarketing.com/?s=evernote
  12. Tracey, When you set up a new notebook, there is an option (check box) to make it your "default" notebook.
  13. Yep, I had the same issues and now use tags instead of notebooks for GTD: !!Today !Next Projects (Empty tag; active projects are nested) @Errands @Read/Review @Someday/Maybe (includes inactive projects and a few special categories, i.e, book ideas) @Waiting Reference (empty; nested tags for anything not actionable) One default notebook ("Inbox") and one Notebook ("My Notes") for everything once it has been processed.
  14. This is a limitation of google, not EN. You have to cut/paste the link into a browser window, hit Enter, and the note launches. Works with Chrome and Firefox; don't know about others.
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