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  1. Glad to have found this thread as I'm feeling heavily discontent with EN. I purchased Nimbus Notes via AppSumo and was going to ask for a refund because they do not 'import' notes in from local or cloud folders, which was a deal breaker. Come to find out, the new version of EN doesn't either -- and this was pretty well the breaking point for me to say adios to EN. I then realize that NN's user level access is essentially non-existent. And the truth of the matter is, EN's user level control is highly-lacking and not at all easy to use, especially when adding new users. So today, I started thinking about how it is that I actually use EN and the reality is, I use it as a document management system. It's where we store all of our dead docs. I'm wondering if anyone has a DMS that they love -- something that automatically OCRs PDFs and images and that I can easily control user level access. I'm thinking the affordable and seemingly capable solution will look like dropbox or box. Google is a no go because it doesn't auto OCR. With that solved, I'll likely move to either NN or Notion as a note taking, clipping, etc. app. I'd love anyone's guidance who has a similar use case.
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