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  1. You're right. I'm running ENv10 in parallel on another PC and with some tweaking of the view settings, etc. I'm able to replicate the Clipper behaviour. I don't like the overall EN interface and the sorting options but ultimately it looks like everything is here. I'll probably continue to use the Legacy version though- until that becomes untenable.
  2. I have both green and white icons but only use the white. The green opens a side panel in Outlook and is disruptive- but I believe they both function the same with Legacy version of EN.
  3. I agree- both work fine to the extent that I use them- one never knows when the either will leave the other behind. A tenuous way to run a business, both for me and EverNote!
  4. Thanks- this looks better than OneNote. I'm not unwilling to pay for functionality- that's why this Clipper business is so frustrating!
  5. That's not the point for me. I use the Clipper to assign tags related to my job #s to organize them- forwarding them does not solve this problem.
  6. I have used the Clipper seamlessly to organize my emails giving them my job number tags, year tags, etc and have been able to recover communication threads very easily- much more easily than with Outlook's search engine. It serves to comply with discoverability my clients demand. You're playing God with my workflow and it will definitely mean I'm shopping elsewhere. I've installed the Legacy version short term in the hope that cooler heads prevail. As usual, most software developers don't live in the real world as we lowly users (the people who pay for your stuff and ensure your livelihoo
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