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  1. I write a novel with Evernote.

    However, the recent spelling function put pressure on my novel.

    Please make it possible to turn off and turn on spelling function.

    Although it was not easy to change the app because there were a lot of notes made in Evernote, if the problem persists, I am willing to move to another app without spelling marks.
    With years of affection with this program, I leave this article.
    I hope for a quick solution.

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  2. At spelling error, I feel uncomfortable that red winding underline. 

    I tried to find a way to get rid of the function. but I can't.

    Even your evernote help & learning tab doesn't help me.

    I just want rid of the function that red winding underline......

    please. I want.

    Sorry for my awful english,  But my desperation is real.

    Hope for a positive answer. Thanks for reading.

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