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  1. Thanks for your reply, Pink. My account shows me as a Premium user. Billed last July. How do I un-sync the 2018 client? How is the Evernote Legacy version incomplete? I appreciate any help you can give me. Bill Drissel
  2. I have downloaded Evernote Legacy. It too can find 10 of my 4400 Evernotes. As of 11/18, I can only access the 4400 Evernotes with the web app. Thanks for the reply Bill Drissel
  3. >might want to reduce your spam load ... Shows how desperate I am! If you can help me to access my notes from the computer app or backup my notes from the web app, I'd appreciate it. Regards, Bill Drissel
  4. After two frantic days, I discovered my 4400 notes are available on Evernote's web app. I was attracted to Evernote's original business plan: provide Evernote to millions of people-if 1% think our premium version is worthwhile, we'll be rolling in it. Except for the editor, Evernote was my favorite app. My whole computer world crashed when I couldn't find my Evernotes. The computer app still finds a dozen Evernotes. I have to use the web app. I want to back up my Evernotes on my equipment. I can't find a way to do that on the web app. I can't find a way to get tech support. I've c
  5. I can't find but 10 of my notes. For a while, I had a browser interface but it wouldn't let me start a new note. Bill Drissel bill@drissel.us 214-808-9981
  6. I have installed 2018 update and can find only 10 of my 4400 notes. Please help. Bill Drissel bill@drissel.us 214-808-9981
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