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  1. It is definitely a scandal to publish an underdeveloped version of an app, which contains a critical bug for a big number of users, and especially if you pay for a premium version. I'm not paying to be forced to use a legacy version. I'm paying so that I get a fully featured, well prepared version in my native language. As for now (and for the past two months I think) new EN is practically unusable for a big number of European clients, I suppose not only Polish ones, but also German, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, and many others.
  2. It's just incredible. Yet another update, and again without solving the well known problem. And again, the problem is contained within the "soon to come" section. To say it's making fools of clients including premium ones is to say nothing. It's just plainly scandalous.
  3. That is really becoming infuriating. Many weeks from the release of the "repolished" Evernote, and many weeks since numerous users signalled the acute problem of global shortcuts in lots of languages, not only Polish, and what we eventually get is... a list of shortcuts. It's preposterous. I've been paying for Evernote Premium for a few years and now I'm feeling neglected, being forced to use Evernote Legacy. It's a shame. The tendency to oversimplify menus is nonsensical and user unfriendly in my opinion but sadly it seems to be a general trending. Just let us know whether you are
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