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  1. To Allison and others regretting updating - I was in the same boat (tabs are crucial for me, too)... But thankfully I've been able to download the Evernote Legacy version, which still has tabs.
  2. Completely agree with everyone above. Tabs are such a critical part of evernote. I also didn't realize they existed until a couple years into using the app, but they were then a game changer once discovered, and are now an essential part of my minute-by-minute workflow. If they're underused, I would suggest that it's because it's almost a hidden feature (at least, it seemed that way for me) - not because it's not extremely powerful and loved by those who use it. I have reinstalled Evernote Legacy for now as this is so crucial to my daily ops. The new app is more aesthetic though, I'll give it that!
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