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  1. Then why does the PC Desktop version work differently? (the same as before the "upgrade"?)
  2. Then it's a super sucky "feature". Very undesirable behavior. Why does it assume we want to convert a checkbox to a checklist? How do we get the result we used to get? Why doesn't it just create another line with a checkbox and if we want a checklist we create that after the fact (like an indent). I'm probably going to start looking for another list making app. Evernote is getting flakier and is adding too many mysterious and undesirable "features" (like deleting the icon for sliding the keyboard out of the way).
  3. Since I've been having trouble I performed this ^ process ... but no luck. The bug I'm having problems with is detailed in my entry to another forum topic entitled "Checklist Feature Works Differently Now" so I won't repeat here.
  4. A lot of discussion here about the differences between Checkboxes and Checklists. Helpful distinction but I think there's a bug here that is creating problems. I have had a Checkbox shopping list for a long time. Everything seems to work on my PC Desktop version but my iPhone is where I see the bug. Using my existing shopping list when I start at the end of an existing Checkbox item and hit Enter I not only get a Checklist bullet (creates a strikethrough) but it changes the whole section to a Checklist. This is not what happens on the Desktop app. When I look at the Desktop app after I have performed the action described above on my iPhone, I see Bullets in front of all the Checkboxes that got converted to Checklist. When I use the Desktop app to select all of the lines and undo the Bullets and sync my iPhone it will display my original Checkboxes again. Last week I noticed that something was wrong but it was different then. The behavior described above was noticed just yesterday. Last week I would hit Enter at the end of my shopping list and I would get NO checkboxes at all on the next line - completely different behavior. I suspect they are trying to fix the bug but created a different bug. Also, I HATE that they have removed the down arrow icon to get rid of the keyboard. Now you have to swipe the whole screen down and then back up again to return to your place in the list. Like the arrow icon was SO in the way! Arghh! Does Evernote monitor this forum?
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