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  1. Seit der aktuellen, neusten Version von Evernote ist mir folgendes aufgefallen: Die Option "Nach Updates suchen" ist nicht mehr unter "Hilfe" zu finden!? Bedeuted dass dann, das Evernote die Weiterentwicklung eingestellt hat? Ich hoffe nicht! Schöne Grüße PS: Ich meine die Windows 10 - Wie unterer Screenshot zeigt: Bei mir ist das leider nicht mehr - zumindest unter Hilfe wie gewöhnt - drin ... Das bedeutet, dass ich noch eine Stufe höher upgraden kann. Ich hab die "mittlere Plus" - Version. Nur wenn man die Premium-Version hat, dann entfällt der Menüpunkt. (so denke ich) Und meine Evernote-Version ist: (307027) Was ich mir noch vorstellen kann: Da deine Version aktueller ist: Für meine "Plus Version" ist vielleicht kein Update vorgesehen :/ Könnt ihr mir helfen?
  2. Hello, 2 thinks i am want in the next Evernote: First: The "Steuerzeichen" (German) like the "Control Character" and second: Export the Evernote Data to Word (Office)... LibreOffice Word etc.
  3. Hi, at first, sorry if there are too many grammar errors, because i am german, but i try my best for that Topic: so i use Evernote since a long time and have some Suggestions for the Program: (Windows 10 Desktop Version) 1.) Mark of shared content (especially Twitter, Facebook and so on) It will be cool, if i can Mark shared Notes, (for example with a color in the List) that mean, that i can immediatelly see i have the note already shared! 2.) control character like in Word If i write, i miss the control character (German: Steuerzeichen) it will be cool if i can fade in and hide him, like it in Word and so on. Best regards :-)
  4. Hi Dave, no - that is not the same Version! Android and Amazon App are little different. Because there are optimized for the Kindle Fire HD...
  5. Hello, my little Problem with the WebClipper is, that he always open a new Window after clipping in Firefox. The Option Menu show me that he do not do it. There is no hook set. Maybe someone can give me a tip - thank you.
  6. Hello, so often i reading my saved news later with the Evernote Kindle Fire HD 10 Version. Sometimes i wish a lager Font - i cant zoom in and zoom out with that app. Only in the Windows 10 Evernote Desktop Client i can change the Font. Please look at the Screnshot, it is very hard to read some text
  7. Thank you for information. Yes it works, if i select the Local (Offline) Notebooks.
  8. Yes, but there is only one Font and only one Background for reading :-( or, is not it?
  9. Sometimes, i do not want to save each File / Data / Text with the Web Clipper. I only want to read them, without saving in Evernote. I wish an option to the Evernote Web Clipper with a ONLY READ Button, so i have the complete Website on my Screen. Especially with other Background-Color and bigger Fonts (or available Fonts to read). Best regards
  10. Hi, some Notes (Notebooks) in my list / register are offline. So i am looking forward, if i - for whatever reason - can save them SEPARATELY (in ONE File) as an Export for the Offline Notebooks for examle the .enex - File. Now its only available for ALL Notes. I am looking forward to an Idea. Best regards
  11. Hello, so i use instead of the Clearly the WebClipper. It is Okay, but some Problems i do not understand: WebClipper never close after the clipping action i must close the opened tab to abort that (right on the top, the Window will never close!) but it clips it to the Evernote Desktop Client - that is no problem after the Clipping, a Evernote Window will suddenly open, what can i do in the Options, that this will not do i want, that the Window will not open, only clipping the Text is, what i want to Evernote Desktop I hope, someone can help me! Best regards...
  12. Atm the Context-Menü does not work :-( Please Evernote Team, release a completely revised new WEBCLIPPER ! Example for my Browser: FIREFOX !
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