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  1. Just updated to version 10.5.7. Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl +/) added. Really? Are you serious? I even don't want to know about these key combinations, I just want to DISABLE them at all!!! I don't need them! What's wrong with you? Evernote, don't you hear your customers completely?! We are paying money to use your software! More than 2 monthes have passed after 10.x version release and you still didn't add this simplest and essential feature. It's hillarrious, ridiculous and awful at the same time, shame on you, Evernote. It's called total disrespect to your users...
  2. First look: New version with dark theme - WOW? Finally! After half of an hour: Trying to use Ctrl + Alt + S (shortcut "Save as" in my NP++) and evernote screenshot grabber appears. After more 5 minutes: No settings at all?! WTF!?! Come on, it cannot be true! This is a FAIL. I'm from Russia btw, but after reading comments from Polish users I wonder who made this "wise" solution in Evernote to publish this brandNewVersion?? Fix it ASAP because you risk to lose a lot of users, this is inappropriate... P.S.: Who needs Evernote shortcuts above system shortcuts by default?
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