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  1. I also agree with sbliven. If this is a decision based on performance or some other technical issue then... if not then it is extremely limiting to premier users. Really makes sharing notebooks in a team environment clunky and almost unusable .
  2. thanks, I will search to see if I can find the posting you are talking about. if that is the reason then I disagree with it. giving a user rights to modify a notebook is a specific action that I would have to decide to do. that decision would be based on if I trust that user to add content that wouldn't "pollute" the notebook. If the user does then it is my right to disable permissions and remove the "polluted" notes/tags. even better solution would be to let me config if a user can add tags specifically. thanks, Nick
  3. If I share a notebook to another user and allow them to modify the notebook. They can add notes, modify notes but they are not allowed to add tags that don't already exist in the notebook. Are there plans to change this? It would be nice to be able to allow a user to add new tags to a shared notebook. Thanks,
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