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  1. Cliff, Have you gotten any further with this? I opened a ticket with Evernote and thier response was: "We think your issue may be related to you sharing a note with someone and then deleting that note, but it still being in your trash. Two solutions exist: you can empty you trash entirely, but note that doing this permanently deletes your notes; or restoring the shared note and trying to sync once more." I have no shared notes, but did empty my trash. My Kindle Fire HD still fails sync at 1%. My other devices (Desktop, Toshiba Excite 10 tablet, Razor smartphone) all continue to sync fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote (Kindle Fire version) twice. I have yet to get a sucessful sync with the Kindle Fire HD. Could you open a ticket with Evernote with your problem? It might help them figue this out. I'll post any solution I find here. EDIT: SOLVED I miss understood the reply from Evernote. Go to the Evernote on your computer and find the TRASH within that Evernote client. Empty that trash and force a sync. Now go to your Kindle Fire and sync it. I had to do a restart on my Fire HD first, but it is now syncing fine. Hope this helps. Chuck
  2. Hello, I am a Premium user and have Evernote on all my devices. Just got a Kindle Fire HD (my original Kindle died). I installed Evernote, sync fails at 1%. I created a notebook and notes on the Fire HD and can do everything except sync. It always fails at 1 %. Any ideas? Thanks Chuck
  3. I am running Evernote on the NOOKcolor (thank you). I am considering premium so that I can have access to notes offline. If I have notes/notebooks containing photos, will I be able to view the photos offline. Thanks Chuck
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