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  1. I wish I checked in on this forum before I upgraded to 10.3.7. Important features that I use daily have simply disappeared in this new version. Given the way 2020 has been going for most of us, I really should have thought twice before accepting the update and thinking it would go well. I really need the screen and text capture features that were available to me in the 6.* version, so I guess I'll downgrade. ENScript.exe is gone too? ...and why didn't this install in %programfiles%? Buying lottery ticket tomorrow so that I can hopefully retire early and just not care how the rest of the world is burning. 😉
  2. I have some forms that I print and have people fill out. What I do is put a keyword or code at the bottom of my form. It's printed in a clear font, away from where they would write anything. Now when that is scanned into evernote, I can search the recently scanned documents for that keyword and it brings up those documents, then select all, and manually tag. But it would be nice if I could have my forms autotagged as long a certain syntax is used, like if at the bottom of my forms I have #incident, it would be tagged with the incident tag. As it is now, if I just search for incident on my documents, it will pull up anything containing that word, so the document has to be scanned with a full-text search and what it finds has to be unique, so I make up an ID and search for it, like zzincident. By no means optimal or automated, but it helps.
  3. That was very helpful. On one PC, it's working. On the other, it was not and I need to look into why. Right-click and open isn't so hard, but I wish I still had the old way of double-cliking and getting in. I have PhraseExpress as well and will look into seeing if I can have a hot key that will do the trick quicker.
  4. This used to work for me. I don't recall which version it was that it went away. I used to be able to double-click on an image, which would let me annotate it in my preferred editor — in my case, Photoshop. I imagine that in a previous version, I was able to set that in options. Then I could double-click, edit the image, and save it, and the edited image would replace the original. Now a double-click is bringing up the image in it's own window within Evernote. For me at least, that is useless. I don't want to just view it. I wanted to edit it in some way. Yes, I can right click the image, and choose Photoshop from a list of about 5 image editors. But how can I assign a default option for double click to get back to where I used to be? I'm using 6.7.5
  5. Well, two people who posted about it in this thread in two years. That doesn't mean that the feature wouldn't be useful and much appreciated by a lot of people who are using cell phones with cameras while QR codes are seemingly gaining in popularity. iPhones and Droid phones have multiple applications which will read QR codes, but it would be nice for people with more basic camera phones or maybe having just snapped a picture with a digital camera and then send the images to Evernote and have it process the QR code automatically. They already do text recognition. How difficult would it be to do QR code recognition as well.
  6. Please let me second this request. It would be nice to be able to snapshot QR codes with a phone camera (I don't have an Android or an iPhone), and email them into Evernote and have them decoded automatically. Sometimes I'll just have a digital camera with me and will upload pictures later and add them to evernote. The ability to automatically decode QR Codes that show up in images in Evernote, even as an add-on of some sort, would be useful. Please count my vote.
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