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  1. I have some forms that I print and have people fill out. What I do is put a keyword or code at the bottom of my form. It's printed in a clear font, away from where they would write anything. Now when that is scanned into evernote, I can search the recently scanned documents for that keyword and it brings up those documents, then select all, and manually tag. But it would be nice if I could have my forms autotagged as long a certain syntax is used, like if at the bottom of my forms I have #incident, it would be tagged with the incident tag. As it is now, if I just search for incident on my documents, it will pull up anything containing that word, so the document has to be scanned with a full-text search and what it finds has to be unique, so I make up an ID and search for it, like zzincident. By no means optimal or automated, but it helps.
  2. That was very helpful. On one PC, it's working. On the other, it was not and I need to look into why. Right-click and open isn't so hard, but I wish I still had the old way of double-cliking and getting in. I have PhraseExpress as well and will look into seeing if I can have a hot key that will do the trick quicker.
  3. This used to work for me. I don't recall which version it was that it went away. I used to be able to double-click on an image, which would let me annotate it in my preferred editor — in my case, Photoshop. I imagine that in a previous version, I was able to set that in options. Then I could double-click, edit the image, and save it, and the edited image would replace the original. Now a double-click is bringing up the image in it's own window within Evernote. For me at least, that is useless. I don't want to just view it. I wanted to edit it in some way. Yes, I can right click the image, and choose Photoshop from a list of about 5 image editors. But how can I assign a default option for double click to get back to where I used to be? I'm using 6.7.5
  4. Ah, I see. I didn't mean my reply to sound like I wasn't agreeing with you. This is a problem, and I hope it gets fixed soon as well.
  5. Agreed with you, but I don't think this was intentionally designed to to this. I think it's a bug that is causing it. It wasn't like this before.
  6. v5.9.6.9494 (277494) Still happening. I've seen it a lot lately. Just happened again. I've been working in a note, and initially the title was set to the first line in the note. After an hour of working in the note (a lot of cutting and pasting from other places), I decided that the note should have a title of my own choosing. After about 8 words into the title, Evernote cleared what I had typed and replaced it with the first line of the note again. Gaaaah!!! This is irritating. I imagine a workaround might be to set the note to a single character and hit enter, and make it stick, and maybe evernote won't mess with the title anymore and try to automatically set it from the first line anymore. Then I might be safe to type away to give it the title that I want and it won't wipe it out on me. Clearly a bug that needs to be fixed. Anybody report this one to customer support?
  7. I found that have a local only folder created the problem for me. If you sync throughout the day, or manually sync, then you can turn off "Synch Changes on Exit" in the options (since everything will be synced before you exit if you manually sync. I have no idea what it's trying to sync on exit because I usually sync as well, and that should leave everything synced. I've reported the bug to Evernote.
  8. I tested this a bit since I'm on the latest version of Evernote on Windows 8.1, and have been seeing the same annoying "hang" on Evernote when sync notes on exit is checked. I realized that from the OP's comments, that I had also created a local notebook recently. I had one note in that notebook and had deleted it at some point. So it was probably in the trash. When I exited, I got the sync progress bar and it hung. I deleted the apparently empty notebook. I got a confirmtaion dialog about the permanent deletion of the notebook. I accepted. Then I got a confirmation about 1 note being deleted (the one that was in the trash?). I confirmed it. No more hang on the "sync on exit" progress bar! Fixed! So I added in a new local notebook. With no notes, it worked fine when exiting and didn't hang. I restarted evernote, and added a note into the local notebook and exited. And the hang occurs again. I didn't make any changes to existing synced notes. Simply having a local notebook with a single note in it creates this problem were sync on exit seems to hang with the progress bar stuck at 75% or some other value.
  9. That is awesome. Thank you Jeff. I should have been smart enough to look in the registry first, but I'm glad that I asked it here if it helps other people who want to solve the same problem and have control over that feature. I just bumped it from 50 to 500 and I'm much happier so far. -mark
  10. I just made a new post about this and was poking around the forum. The search as you type feature persists, and it's May 2014, and there is still lag. Even on my Windows 7 64-bit Core i7 machine with 8 GB RAM. Evernote (271962) Public I don't mind search as you type, but would like to see my typing not impeded by the CPU requirements of doing the search. If I can't have that then I would rather not have the search as you type.
  11. I have a good number of notes, but I'm sure others have even more. When I'm typing into the search box at the top ("Search the current context"), and especially when my current context is all notes, as soon as I type a character, it starts to search, which immediately starts to slow down my typing as I try to type in the rest of the word that I'm looking for. It would be nice if there was some sort of delay that holds off the search from beginning until I have finished typing the word the word and maybe a pause of 500ms or longer has occurred in my typing. The reason I find this troublesome is that sometimes I'm typing and the searching activity delays my keystrokes, but I think that I just missed typing that key for some reason, which results in me actually double typing in the character, and the search string is updated and a new search begins and then I have to backspace, which seems to cause it to start searching for the shorter string as I'm making my corrections... Bad user experience. FYI, I'm on a Windows 7 PC with an Intel 64-bit Core i7, 8 GB RAM, so I don't think CPU usage should be an issue. Another option is to let the search threads run at a lower priority level and let the typing happen at a higher priority level so that your typing is unaffected by the CPU usage of the search that is running. Just suggestions/ideas. Does anybody else have this happening to them?
  12. I completely agree with this post and it's probably my main gripe over the new Evernote 5. I know lots of other people are saying the same thing. Here is an example of a "thumbnail" of a business card that I have scanned in. Check it out. That is not a thumnail and it is not useful for indentifying what is on the particular page in the notebook. Evernote 4 used to show me a real thumbnail of the business card. Evernote 5 shows me a portion of the card which is unidentifiable. http://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/4488ad48-8fd7-45ab-806e-504941071975/e0cc8c2215c49302fa073ad98237a38a
  13. Myself and others are having this problem. I started another thread on this topic. You'll find it in the Windows section of the forum with the tag "Win+A". This is problem with the latest Thunderbird and Firefox. Selecting text in the browser or in the email client and pressing Win+A results in a message box coming up saying: Clipboard capture failed: "Clipper for Thunderbird Redux - Evernote Web Clipper - Evernote User Form - Mozilla Firefox" did not copy any data to clipboard or there is no selection. But there is a selection. I selected a couple of sentences of text and pressed Win+A. I can see the text is still selected. When I dismiss the Evernote error dialog, the text is still selected. Q: Did Firefox and Thunderbird a more secure Gecko that does not allow other apps to query their selected text and in the process break Evernote? I to am on Windows 7 x64. Win+A works for me in other applications.
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