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  1. When I have the Evernote Web Clipper active in Safari, and I'm in Zoho Books in an Estimate, I click the paper clip icon to Attach File. A dialog appears, and when I click Cloud, the cloud dialog does not appear. If I disable the Evernote Web Clipper, the Cloud dialog works again. Anyone else use Zoho Books and experienced this? Thanks Eric
  2. Thank goodness. This "feature" was driving me nuts. Up voted to disable this dialog.
  3. Update: this seems to have worked, although sometimes the search results are blank even though the notes are there. If I click in the blank area, the note text appears.
  4. I've got the same issue. Just upgraded to 6.13.1 (455786 App Store) and now search is broken. The search box says it's searching all notes, but the results are only for the notebook that I'm in. I'm attempting to rebuild the search index, I'll let you know if this works. Eric
  5. Hello all, When I have a note open in its own window, and the same note is also open in the main program window in the background, the cursor will jump up to the title bar whenever the text in the background gets updated. This makes it impossible to take notes in a separate window unless you first move the selected note to something different in the main program window. Can anyone else reproduce this? Not sure when it started happening, but I just noticed it today. EDIT: forgot to mention, this is on Evernote for Windows, on a laptop running Windows 10. Eric
  6. Thanks Gazumped. I'll experiment with that and see if I can wrangle any improvements. Eric
  7. I reinstalled the clipper and it helped, but still longer than 10 seconds. Not sure what is causing this. Could it be that Chrome has a lot of tabs open?
  8. Is this still an issue for others? I have made sure I'm using the latest version, but clipping is still very slow. It varies. Sometimes it's very quick, like when I select a short text passage. But clipping an email in Gmail is averaging 55 seconds. Yes, almost a full minute.
  9. Thanks Gazumped. I did submit a support ticket already. I try to post here as well to find out if others are experiencing the same thing.
  10. Near as I can tell, when I'm going through my notes with reminders on my iPhone and changing dates, notes will start getting corrupted. The entire note content will be replaced with what looks to be random characters but bits taken from other notes or perhaps note titles. It's happened to 3 or 4 notes now. It only seems to happen when I'm adjusting the reminder dates on notes while in the "Reminder" view. Has anyone else experienced this bug?
  11. I still use a few tags, but mostly for the "who" category -- client names, people names, dog names Once in a while I use project related tags, but most often I keep everything for a single project in a single note. If I must use multiple notes, I use EN's note link feature to put a link into the "master" note and file the other notes. I also use reminder dates for some notes, and have a simple search set up to pull up all reminders. In general I've worked to keep my task system as simple as I can. I used to spend more time fiddling around with things like dates and tags than actually working. So I trimmed it down as much as I could. For tasks, I really only use 3 basic Notebooks: 00-Inbox, 10-Today, and 20-Next. I do have a Someday notebook but I don't look through it as regularly as I should. I have some other notebooks but they are more for special categories like Expenses.
  12. That's one of several reasons I abandoned tags for maintenance of my tasks. I use Notebooks. Since each task can be in one and only one date category (today, this week, next week, etc) it makes it very easy to drag and drop tasks from one folder to another.
  13. Wow, this is really impressive. It looks like it would take a lot of time to set up, but your process makes it seem pretty simple. I'll have to give something like this a try.
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