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  1. Thank for the quick replies! I checked the tray icon "configure hot key" and the "paste clipboard' verb is mapped to Ctrl-Alt-V -- just like in the main app. However, I clicked 'restore defaults' and the problem went away. Hmmm.... Most likely a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair :-) problem, but it sure was strange. Thanks again. PS Kudos to the authors of the program, if they are reading this... I've been using about a week to sync install notes between many physical and virtual machines and my droid -- and loving it.
  2. Hi, I just installed Evernote on x86 Windows 7 an hour ago. Then I went to cut and paste some text between 2 non-Evernote windows using Ctrl - V. Evernote created a new note with the text I was trying to paste. I checked the hotkeys in evernote and 'paste clipboard' is mapped to Ctrl - Alt - V Has anyone else seen this behaviour? As much as I love Evernote I'm not sure I can retrain my fingers from Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V :-) Any ideas? Thanks, Jim
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