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  1. Unless this matter is solved, I will inform all my Evernote Premium friends about this and let them make a wiser decision.
  2. I have purchased Evernote Premium account. But now I discovered someone is selling 1 yr Evernote Premium for Renmenbi 40 only ! (Renmenbi is the currency of China, RMB. RMB40 is approximately equaly to USD7.00 only). So many people can buy Evernote Premium 1 yr membership for only USD7, while we paid for what, around USD40 to buy the same thing, from Evernote website! Is that a big rip off of customers from Evernote itself, for the loyal customers like us who bought Premium from Evernote itself? Is it a sign that we should never buy Premium from Evernote itself and should go to find some 3rd party in the Internet to buy the Premium? It is totally unfair! See this re-sell link of Evernote Premium, the price listed is in Renmenbi. URL's removed by C6REW
  3. I took snapshot photos and created a new Evernote on my Sony Neo android phone. Problem is, if I take the snapshot in portrait view the photo shows in the Evernote becomes landscape (vice versa). Please advise?
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