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  1. If your tags begin with "!", then I think your search query should look like this "tag:!*" Using that asterisk at the end should find all notes with tags beginning with !
  2. I just tonight discovered that you can arrange tags into hierarchical trees. Can someone enlighten me as to what function this serves? I assumed that I could run a search for the supraordinate tag and this would return all notes with that tag as well as all notes with the subordinate tags in that tree as well. But this doesn't seem to work. So what is the purpose or function of the tag tree? I am not being sarcastic here. Just trying to learn its purpose and how others are using it. Finally, can the tag tree be utilized in search? Thanks.
  3. Well, I believe I have figured out what was causing the deletions. I have a saved search for untagged notes that I would use to find and tag those notes that I entered earlier in the day. Going into this saved search on the iPad and tagging notes consistently causes other notes in that saved search to be sent to the trash. It must be a bug, so I will be submitting a bug report.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Just to quantify this, I went into the Trash section of the mac app and saw 6 notes from today that had been apparently deleted but not by me. That is virtually half of the notes I entered today. Anyone have a clue why so many notes are automatically deleting? I hope to get a solution to this.
  5. I've seen Evernote around for a few years now and so decided to give a try over the weekend. For the past couple days, I've been setting up a GTD workflow in the service and been getting really excited about the possibilities of the service . . . if it actually worked. So far, I just seen way too many errors in the service to have any confidence in it. Tags are not syncing correctly from mobile (e.g., iPhone and iPad) to the web and mac apps. Saved searches are not able to be seen on the mac or web apps. And most terrifying, I've seen notes vanish or automatically delete before my eyes on the iPad app. In my limited experience, this whole product seems to be riddled with severe errors. I don't see how anyone could consider the service to be reliable enough to use in their daily workflow. I hope I am wrong because Evernote does seem to have a lot of promise. Anyone have any insights? I sincerely hope I am doing something wrong and can be corrected rather than waiting for a very flawed service to be brought up to minimal user standards. If the case turns out to be the latter, I suppose I'll have to give springpad a closer look.
  6. I cannot figure out how to view saved searches on the current Mac app. There is an option to have the saved searches part of the left sidebar turned on, but it is just blank. Is this a bug? For what it's worth, I am also unable to view any saved searches on the new web app. However, I can see them in the old web app. I am new to evernote, so this really had me quite confused as I was trying to learn the ins and outs of the service.
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