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  1. Am a Newbie to the forum and evernote. My questions is as follows for the Evernote Team. 1) Will premimum/free users have the ability to encrypt files they upload as notes ? 1b) If so, I understand it may not be indexed for Evernote servers will not have the encryption key. 2) Will evernote ever store users data encrypted at rest with a master cipher key? This is separate from users further encrypting their text and files/images. 3) What's the security policy @ Evernote's datacenters to protect users of evernote from not having a board sys admin snooping through people's notebooks?? (Ofcourse, outside of the obvious ethical comment of "Our folks would never do that"....what protections exist or are in place. I see great potential for Evernote to be used in business environments, but these questions are a first step. Thanks! -M
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