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  1. I feel like I could hit 100,000 notes in a few years... I hear that is the limit. What then?
  2. When I'm doing research I usually clip a whole bunch of text and then in the note I change the text that I want to refer back to, a different color. It would be much nicer if I could actually highlight it yellow though. Any ideas as to if this will be implemented? Thanks
  3. And just because you think tags aren't the greatest thing doesn't mean they aren't. FWIW, I never said tags were "the greatest thing." Tags are what EN uses. If you cannot wrap your head around that & adapt to that, you will not ever be happy with Evernote. I guess the tags just aren't working for me. I know other people who love and hate tags. It would be great if Evernote had better note management features for people who hate tags so it would would be great for both parties. I know people can get away with not using tags in Evernote, but I feel that if you could organize your notes more closely to how Notebook by Circus Ponies does it then I'd be pretty happy.
  4. Have you ever tried a tool other than Evernote? Like OneNote or Notebook by Circus Ponies? If not I suggest you at least try it. I though Evernote was the best thing since sliced bread like yourself until I tried other tools and realized that the way Evernotes note management was setup wasn't the best. Also just because you think tags are the greatest doesn't mean that they actually are. If "newbies" are having a hard time grasping tags and how to use them then maybe there's a reason for that. Many of the best applications that individuals use on a daily basis DO NOT have a tags feature. There is no such thing (IMO) as random tags. Tags are meant to be meaningful. I suggest you read up more on the board on tagging. Comparing Evernote with Photoshop is comparing apples to oranges. No, tagging is not new or revolutionary. Which is why it's surprising that so many newbies to EN have such a problem with it. Apparently, you've not grasped the power of tagging & the EN search engine or else you would not be saying it's "annoying & time consuming." The fact that you say Evernote is a "pretty basic tool" also indicates to me you have not grasped all that EN is capable of doing.
  5. From what I see Evernote is a pretty basic tool. I mean in comparison to photoshop and many other applications it doesn't have many features. It's tagging feature is in many other applications so it's nothing new or revolutionary. It wasn't really that hard to learn in the first place. I feel like more features are definitely needed in order to effectively manage notes. OneNote does a great job at effectively managing notebooks and notes. In my opinion creating a large amount of tags would be rather annoying and time consuming. I'm a premium user by the way.
  6. Circus ponies just lets you organize things much more like you would with a real notebook. You can highlight things, add sticky notes within the note, and so much more. It's just a lot easier instead of making a ton of random tags in Evernote. You should download it and give it a try. I believe you get 30 days to try it. I completely agree that there should be a clipping feature that will allow you to "amend a note". It would be so useful. I feel your pain! Evernote is: [*:f204etpd]GREAT at collecting/creating Notes [*:f204etpd]Fairly good at finding a Note, provided you can remember some key word, or text that identifies the Note [*:f204etpd]Not so good at Browsing Notes. This just gave me an idea: It would be very helpful if EN would provide a list of existing Notes to append to (at the top or bottom) based on the URL that you are clipping from. For example, if you are clipping short selections (like a few sentences) from a long Internet page, EN could offer to append to an existing Note taken from that same page. How does "Notebook by Circus Ponies" help you organize your notes better?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm having a hard time organizing my notes and have a problem with going back and looking at notes. I find that I am creating hundreds of little clips and text notes in evernote. I have many notebooks that I set up to try and organize it all, but I find myself continually creating the same text notes over and over because I have so many notes (almost 2000). They have somewhat became buried in there and I find myself forgetting about them since I keep creating new notes instead of adding onto notes. Everytime I "clip" something from the web it creates a NEW note. I really wish I could add that clipping to a EXISTING. I started using another Notebook app called "Notebook by Circus Ponies" because I am finding it allows me to organized notes better and makes it easier to ADD onto a note INSTEAD of creating another note which I have been doing in Evernote which makes all the notes add up to the point where I forget about them. Maybe I'm not using Evernote correctly or something. Does anyone have the same problem?
  8. I have a whole bunch of little notes. Should I combine all those little notes together? I'm worried that my amount of notes is getting too high. What does everyone else do?
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