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  1. Ahhhh, The latest update removed the special characters, replacing my stars with a box - I hope this is fixed because it wipes out the star solution. Hopefully people did not have too many single character symbols since they won't be able to tell them appart.
  2. I'm also using Windows 7; Evernote client:
  3. Your test seems quite reasonable however I'm also experiencing the same problem Mayerovitch describes. The font prints to large. The heading is reasonable (close to what Word would do for 10 or 11 pt) but the note content is printed similar to Word's 16-18pt. (the font in my note is 10pt.
  4. More info on my date problem: When I do a search by "created date" the problem note does not show up as newly created even though it displays in the list as created on the current date and time. In fact If I search for notes created before I started using EN this note shows up along with one other note. This seems consistent with the Android software that shows both as Dec 31 1969. I've also noticed that in other places in the Win7 GUI it lists "created date" as "none". The problem notes have an "updated date" of July (3 and 4) 2009 and seem to be screen caps with a WinMo phone so maybe there was a glitch in the WinMo software at that time which caused the date field to get set incorrectly. Since it seems like an isolated incident I'm just going to try to manually fix the date on these two notes.
  5. I'm having a similar problem with the Win7 and Andriod versions. For at least one note (created over a year ago) EN shows a creation date of today in Win7. The same note shows a creation date of Dec 31 1969 on my Android phone. Naturally dating is very important for record keeping, hopefully there is a good explanation.
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