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  1. Were the updates made on the Anroid, changes to notes that were created on the PC, previously? Or were they new notes created on the Android? If they were new notes, and they did sync on the android, and you are a Premium user, they might be in the note history.
  2. I think you need to go to help, support, technical support, and open a ticket for this. But, if you go Premium, on that day, you get the higher upload limit, so it seems to me that it would have to take that day as when your cutoff day is. I think that is your best bet. By the way, I think the cycle is 30 days, and there is less than 12 30 day periods in a year, so your reset date will reduce over time by 5 days per year, if my calculations are correct. Just hit the usage button on top right of windows screen, or otherwise, and don't wast your time, unless you go Premium, then time it based on above. Good Luck!
  3. I've seen other threads that report the same kind of problem, but the people are being blown off. Have you reported this by going to Help Technical Support, and open a Get Technical Support on lower right of the web page, then open a ticket. Everybody needs to officially report this problem. Also, maybe if your phone is backing up files (are you Android, or?) there was a copy of the info on the phone, and if you are a Premium user, there is a botton on the notes to get an old copy (try looking in the trash can, also). Just guessing. Anyway, please report the problem, and can anybody help this person??
  4. I had set up an import folder months ago, and use it even with a scanner. The items are imported automatically as they are put into the folder. I have never had to sync until after they are all imported, and show up in my evernote for windows. I am wondering if your sync caused the import to stop. i am also wondering if you put so much into the folder at one time, the import stopped, also. It sounds like you should be reporting an auto import folder problem, and not a sync problem? Sync is what evernote windows does to sync with the cloud server and mirror your stuff that is already in your evernote windows on your pc, if I am not mistaken. So, I don't think sync has to do with import, and might even mess it up. Anybody chime in if I'm wrong. By the way, as far as I knoiw, evernote does not sync to any folder on your pc, but it does import a file in automatically if you put a file in the import folder that is listed as an import folder.
  5. Thoughts: The to/from info is in the email header, and Evernote obviously doesn't pick it up. I would think that the decision of whether to take it into Evernote would be at the Evernote servers that receive the message. But since it is not part of the email itself, where would they put the info - would they fake an email header? Then also, on an email by email basis, they would have to decide what to do with it or not. So, there would have to be an option on their email receiver to check YOUR options for a special from address, or maybe a special tag in the subject (which you don't want), to decide what to do. Sort of a problem there. When you do a reply, the header info is copied into the body of the email by your email client, so that's why Evernote includes it (it's then part of the email, right?). By the way, I believe I read a post recently, maybe in another section, that said that some email clients have a send to PDF, and you could send it to yourself and then move those to the Evernote import folder? Anyway, just considering the gravity of this request, and options. It got you back to the top of the list, too, so, hey! :-)
  6. So has this problem gone away with the newest beta? If it has, please post. Thanks.
  7. I'm not sure, but can you drag an email onto a folder on your desktop that is designated as an auto import folder in evernote? If nobody else responds, try that with some test emails first. It would take a while, but? Or can Outlook export the emails to a text of PDF to an Evernote import folder, etc.? Or look for an Outlook third part utility that will? Anybody else have suggestions?
  8. Yeah, but is Springpad going to offer you the best deal, or THEIR deal? Do you only look at the paid search boxes at the top and right of google searches? Does Amazon offer the same price through Springpad as going straight in? Does Springpad get paid to send you to Amazon? Does Springpad TOS say they will find the best deal, or even try to? Do you want all of your shopping controlled and handed to you? Not me!
  9. Hello, I am a new user. Consider that a certain file structure already contains all of our stuff. It is set up so that you can instantly sort all of it from newest to oldest, or oldest to newest. Your life is a log file. All the data is added sequentially. I like that aspect of Evernote. You can go back to whatever was happening at a certain time years ago. What else has that? Now, to make it easier, there are tags. Ok. we don't like tags, so we have notebooks. The notebooks are probably just internal tags. An alternate index, if you will. Also, we know the name of these notebooks, and tags, and we can send data through various means using these notebook names that we know. So, supposed they let stacks have the same name as a notebook, and allowed multiple notebooks by the same name to be under different stacks? The whole point is to know the name of the notebook that contains a certain data. I also point out that Voice2note can add by tag, and maybe by notebook, if not now, then we're asking for it. All these app's know about tags and notebooks to add notes. If the file structure were sudenly changed, then how would you cut it all over. How would you tell them where to put stuff. The stacks look like a display only invention. Instead of building all these stacks in advance, when you realize you have a notebook that you want to stack, you right click, and it presents you with all the stacks, and the option to create a new one (Windows creates a new folder named New Folder, and you have to mouse around, and click, right?). I agree that at first, this looks counter, but I just started using it tonight, and the above is what I'm offering. The file is most important, and across all these platforms, wow! I'll bet that the notes are using internal tags to know what folder they are in. Simple. Fast. Let's think about this for a while. How bad? I'm reserving my opinion for now. I had to get hundreds and hundreds of todo's off Jott, and I've looked at a lot of App's, but Evernote looks best so far. Evernote has backup of my data to desktop and out to idrive. Offline access, too! By the way, just put an s or _ in front of "client" for now to create your stack. I just put this post on my evernote. Aaah! Thanks.
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