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  1. Sounds like a Magic the Gathering reference... but anyways... In this release we added the ability to stack Joined Notebooks, including the ability to stack them alongside your own notebooks. This is a very powerful feature for many users of Joined Notebooks. If you say, share a notebook for groceries or weekend chores with your husband or wife, it wasn't very useful to have this notebook relegated to a separate tab that you had to remember to go visit. This also brings us slightly closer to the structure of the new Mac client. It makes some workflows more consistent if you use both clients, but I would say it's only a step (perhaps baby step) in the direction of "consistency across clients." If you didn't have any Joined Notebooks, you don't see a difference. We actually give you back some vertical space by removing the Tab. Well technically, there isn't a change for you if you don't any Joined Notebooks or Business Notebooks. Anyone signing up for Evernote Business can download the latest public version (4.6.0) and they'll see their business notebooks, be able to use the increased quota, see the Business Library, etc. So this isn't a "let's move things around on a whim" decision. That being said, I'm very grateful for all the feedback we get. I'll try not to be snippy (especially snippy with typos and missing words). Not to be too prescriptive, but I've found specific feedback coupled with the context to be most useful. Things like, "The Shared Tab seems makes some notebooks feel really far away. I keep forgetting to check the groceries notebook my wife sent me because the new notes she makes don't show up under 'All Notes' and we keep getting into arguments." Well, I guess y'all fixed the husband wife thing real good by throwing in a not thought out change (looks obvious from comments) into PRODUCTION, and disrupted the use of the product for many, when everything was sort of working before. It was known that this change was not working properly before the change was made PRODUCTION. I have shared notebooks that are about Evernote use, that are created by other people, that I don't even know. Should their "stuff" have been thrown into My Stuff?. If people have a grocery list, maybe they need to use Remember The Milk - I thought it was stated that Evernote was not going to be a due date system, or some such. In any case, I have been following the Mac 5 change, and it looks to be a huge mess, and the Mac people (Bless their hearts), don't seem to even be able to find all their stuff. Oh, and if we're trying to make this a Mac application, I would ask why you're not wondering if we wanted Mac, why we wouldn't be on one. You're scaring me! They seem to choose looks over function, no? Maybe we need Notebook levels like Mine, Ours, and Theirs, or equivalent designations, that would let levels of search be set. Like Owned, Attached, Monitored Only, Connected, Pinned, or Linked (Linked might not imply current interest, etc., and help the poor people now having major, unexpected tag inclusion and search issues).
  2. In the Evernote folder, I see various exe files titled "Evernote Installation Package". Are these the actual install packages I have allowed to install onto my system, or what? And if so, are they just the GA since I only see one 4.5.9 and 4.5.10, though I was a beta tester of multiple 4.5.9's for sure. So can these be installed over say my 4.5.10 to go back to my for instance? If so, would it be an ok install over 4.5.10 to downgrade. I see a curentreleasenotes.htm that lists a lot of release notes up to, that I am running, but the install package I see for, which I did install prior to 4.5.10 is not listed in those notes. What were the release notes for Please don't reply unless you know for sure what these are, and/or are there for. Thanks!
  3. So let's be clear, you're talking about stability as in "resistance to change" rather than reliability (lack of bugs, data loss, etc). It seems like your software to be very resistant to change. Oh, wow! Has the old "resistance to change" card been played? That's a term used many times for many years when chaos is inflicted on the user community without thought out/tested out usability impact. There were many concerns over surprise changes that impacted experienced user usability, but BANG, it went GA onto the whole population. People have hundreds of hours invested in learning to use this product, and they listed major impacts, but GA!! Are your developers heavy Evernote users? I note that one of our great beta people left the beta because his life was disrupted by some seemingly arbitrary changes. I'm running into this type situation more and more, not just with Evernote, I've seen what was/is happening on the Mac side. Not pretty. The community must continue to be able to use the product without major disruption, surely. Evernote is now marketing to business, unless I missed something. If a change greatly alters usability, causes loss of productivity, ignores continuity of existing users, causes many people to be stressed, then the change might be suspect. No? Wonder why one of the car companies doesn't just move the steering wheel to the other side, anyway. Why not change? Or were you really asking? I've noticed people, and I'll bet that only a small percent of users even know about this forum, that are pointing out a lot of "reliability (lack of bugs, data loss, etc)." problems lately, including "dataloss" and "bugs", or am I seeing things? I've been the tech lead in IT for over 35 years. I've seen the people that make changes, just because they like it. That might get by for a non-mission critical piece of software, but still not good, but Evernote now has taken over peoples lives, and now their businesses. Evernote is now "mission critical" (this is a big business term for "required to operate"). Changes surely need to be "upward compatible", which is a term that IBM mainframe systems people all know. The skill set of the thousands to millions of users surely should not be thrown into chaos due to a whim of some developer to make it look pretty in their opinion, etc., without heavy consideration as to what is being left out due to the changes, that worked fine before. I could go on, but let me know if you need additional info. I would say that I mean that we expect and need both reliability and continued upward usability without arbitrary changes causing user disruption.
  4. In reply to... Some people opt for stability, that's fine. Sort of difficult to opt for any stability when a GA goes out knowing it is causing a lot of problems. So, it's not really fine for any that "opt" for stability. Nice for those running a business who don't care if they have a business, or at least whether it operates, though!
  5. That sucks, but with EN, it isn't a huge deal. Just install the latest client and log in. It will pull your data from the cloud. the only hassle is reconfiguring the few preferences (tool bar, sync settings, etc). I really wish those preferences were stored in the cloud with all of my notes. Yeah, and what about all those cryptic registry changes? Are they gone now that EN was removed unexpectedly?
  6. Heh, big news is apparently Evernote Business: http://blog.evernote...nowledge-today/ After what we've just seen take place, I know I would depend my business on Evernote Business, yeah, right!
  7. Why did this go GA when a large percentage of the testers are not even comfortable that the changes are usable, and even operating correctly? This is the largest thread for beta's that I (in my possibly limited experience) have ever seen! A Christmas present?? Mess up everybody for the Christmas holidays, when they are trying to get everything done for year end? Is there a bonus to EN writers for number of changes delivered? Trying to wrap up for year end? I have advised my connections not to accept Evernote Windows updates until I say so. Might be after year end before all this is sorted out. Why was this put out on the unsuspecting public yet, when we were just discussing the layout a few days ago?
  8. To the original poster and others, Please repost your request/case for nested notebooks, so others can agree with it or not. Good Luck!
  9. jefito, Did you not read the posts? Did the posts show bad attitude? Just sayin. In particular, some posts in the sync thread a day or so ago, but in this thread... There are others, but I think these three answer all of your points. Take it or leave it was also included. I see that you were even quoted in the last sentence below. Interesting quote from a previous rebuttal, I suppose. *The statements below are quotes from other poster(s), and not my opinion/attitude at all.* Funny b/c it really doesn't matter what "Those of you who think tags are a better solution" think. What matters is how Evernote functions. ------------------------------- No one is forcing you to do anything. This is a software app. It does what it does. IME, we often have to adjust our thinking/workflows to adapt to software b/c no app is going to do everything that everyone wants. If it works for you then great. Otherwise, don't use it. (shrug) ------------------------------- The way EN has functioned since it's introduction in early 2008 up to & including today is no sub/nested notebooks. It doesn't appear this will change any time soon. As for me, I find EN invaluable and prefer to spend my time using as it is (and really, I've yet to find a use care where tags don't function similarly to sub notebooks) rather than boycott/protest a feature that may or may not ever appear. If an app works for me, great. If not, I go find one that will. As Jefito says, that's why there's chocolate & vanilla. And if you think sub notebooks are so invaluable, why would you possibly need to try to get those who are ok w/o subnotebooks to support your request? *The statements above are quotes from other poster(s), and not my opinion/attitude at all.*
  10. It sure looks like the "experts" responding to these threads (or at least a couple of them) are refuting people posting and arguing against those posting, instead of giving info. Also, saying things like: it doesn't matter what a poster thinks??? Don't use it??? You (plural) sometimes give good info, but what's up with this? How long ago did stacks come out? I don't think it was over a year or two ago, and It did not ship with the product originally, did it? So, how can some people strongly state what Evernote is NOT going to do? Have a nice day!
  11. In case you don't get a quick reply from an expert, this being a weekend... I just tried creating a notebook to see what it says, and when creating a notebook, it says that you cannot change the notebook type once it is created. I'd take a backup of the Evernote folder before proceeding. I'm not an exert, but can't you just make a local folder and copy or move all the notes over? Since we don't think it affects your usage limit, test it out, and make sure. I don't know if it moves the copied or moved notes to the trash, or what. You might have to dump the trash to remove the sync'd folders and allow for new ones. Also, since you will have local notebooks, make sure to take good backups and keep some offsite, such as bank safe deposit box. There is a thread we were responding to a couple of weeks ago about recovering old local notebooks from an old Evernote database, if it is ever necessary. Anybody else on this subject?
  12. In the last paragraph I posted in bold previously, support ticket answerer agreed that there WAS a sync on startup, but it is now gone. I'm sure my 4.5.9 and lower was sync'ing on startup, since I had to wait for it each time, or at least I felt I should wait, and did. It seems that this option was unexpectedly removed... Here is the ticket reply again... "The option to sync immediately/automatically on startup does not exist anymore. I am not sure what the reason behind this was, if it was an oversight or if it was an intentional change. I will forward this on to the engineering team and make them aware that it is no longer and option and that there have been requests to add it back. I apologize for the trouble. Let me know if you have any questions." So, are you all wanting sync on startup back, and does it seem a hazard to not have sync on startup? I see that an experienced user wants to do it manually, but what about new users, or others that depended on it?
  13. I was wrong about Evernote Windows doing a sync within about 2 minutes after first startup each time. Tonight it took 12 minutes before a sync happened. Seems to happen at random. I have insisted it is a bug, and it involves data integrity. Anybody interested in getting it fixed, and putting sync on startup back in, post here, and open a ticket saying it is a problem you are seeing. Thanks!
  14. If the lines go, then what about doing very bold first item that was after the divider. And maybe there should be an option on each notebook to include it in searches or not, and a Search My Notebooks option, and a Search Every Notebook option. Regardless of where/how Joined Notebooks end up, issue a warning with an click required, when Joined Notebooks are included in a "global" search (My Notebooks with Joined Notebooks included), so we'll realize it, and get off that setting, and not waste search time and resources.
  15. Grumpy has it, but instead of Notebooks, put it all under All Notebooks, and change All My Notes to All My Notebooks. Search searches notebooks for notes - all or mine. But won't the new way, without the tab for shared, force the Shared Notebooks to the bottom of the Notebook list, and for a big list, way off the page? Way out of sight? Maybe you all should have just renamed the tab to "Joined", which looks musch more interesting than Shared, anyway? That might have been enough? Hmmm.
  16. Instead of the divider lines, what about just filling the spaces after the first item with ==========? And/or really bold them... > Notebooks=========== All My Notes > Some /notebook >Tags================ > Priority > Sometags > Attributes============ > Created > Last Modified > Saved Searches======= > Trash (445) ==========
  17. I am a paid user, and I only use the Windows version (4.5.10 at this time), and I was sure that sync is done when I start Evernote Windows prior to this release. I do did/do not have Evernote start up automatically. I mentioned "from system startup" meaning "first time I start Evernote after I bring up my PC". The two terms should mean the same, actually. I am now seeing that when I bring my PC up, then Evernote Windows up for the first time since system startup, Evernote now does a sync within say 2 minutes. I'm thinking that they put in a delay to let EN get started, and let the PC finish startup, before the sync happens, since it slows the PC - but my ticket has not been able to get them to verify such. If I exit EN, I think the 15 minute sync still happens even though EN is down, so even if I bring it back up, that interval is still in effect, but since my sync on exit is in effect, that should be ok. Are you on the Windows platform? What level? Actually, I just got this latest reply to my support ticket - note the "anymore"... Looks like we have a "Mac" type change, but not really - I think I can live with this one, though I do wonder if it introduces an big integrity exposure for a lot of people, as you mention. They did not respond to my previous claim that this is a new integrity exposure. Maybe downs and ups were putting too big a load on the servers, since sync on exit is done, so why sync on startup, right? Who knows? It would seem that sync on startup should be done if more than 15 minutes (or optional setting) has passed since last sync, right?? "The option to sync immediately/automatically on startup does not exist anymore. I am not sure what the reason behind this was, if it was an oversight or if it was an intentional change. I will forward this on to the engineering team and make them aware that it is no longer and option and that there have been requests to add it back. I apologize for the trouble. Let me know if you have any questions."
  18. Too bad Steve isn't here to get these people (Evernote and Apple) in line. Has anybody tried reporting this situation to Apple? Maybe they can get it fixed, or just buy the company. Or is Apple throwing their users out with the bash water, too, like Microsoft?
  19. I'm sure I heard many times that Export is not good for a backup method. Much of the info about the note is not included, I believe. Like, even the date it was created is not brought back by import? I use idrive - https://www.idrive.com/p=idr101 , but though I have restored folders and files to check them as best I could, I have never restored an Evernote folder that way. I also run full hard drive copy using an Apricorn cable, external HD, and backup software. I also duplicate the Evernote folder on my hard drive from time to time with another name, so idrive uploads that frozen copy, and idrive never deletes files/folders even if they are deleted from my PC unless I initiate a sync, and allow it, and as long as the new file name is unique, it just sits on their "cloud". I also burn Evernote to DVD from time to time, but if yours is huge, and it gets too big (use DL DVD?), then that's out.
  20. Well, if it doesn't sync on startup, what keeps me from updating a note that was updated on another of my computers or online, without me having the current version, and what if I search for something, but the note(s) with it were created even hours ago, on another of my computers, or online? This sure seems like a huge integrity exposure window to me!
  21. Wouldn't you go to tools, options, and it shows where your Evernote data files are, so you can back them up locally, then to the cloud, or whatever? I'm as windows user. Won't this work for Mac?
  22. Here is the link to the problem reporting problem thread... http://discussion.ev...orting-problem/ Also, when I filled out a report, and clicked on review (or whatever they called it), and clicked on revise to correct it, the web page jumps away from the area to update that contains the post, to a report the problem page! I thought I had lost the post, because the back button flopped back, but the page jumped forward each time. I did a double back, and the report verification display was there, so I did a submit as is, and I think it worked.
  23. Any idea on the Sync change possibly in 4.5.10? Does your Windows EN sync when it starts up?
  24. Well, I have opened a ticket on this. Guess nobody cares, since I have gotten no reply here. I am also having ongoing problems with the ticket reporting page, that reported before, and sent screen clips, but nobody cares, it looks like.
  25. Well we don't seem to have a problem trying to control public utilities, airlines, railroads, trucking and some aspects of vehicles, do we? Software systems are becomming a utility, no? I'm thinking there are advertised and implied uses. What if Microsoft just decided to shut down Windows, and disallow its use? Think anybody would have a problem with it? What we are into now with software vendors is unprecedented. We are on the verge of new regulations, I would bet. I'm expecting something to happen when Windows 8 is in the face of huge businesses. By the way, banks now have data safety and privacy rules, even if private, yet they run vendor software. It has to follow the rules. Just a matter of time.
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