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  1. vajewel, Did you sign up as a beta tester somehow, or are you just getting the pre-release versions because of the checked box in the EN profile? I was doing the pre-releases a few months ago, but quit just as things got messy - they took away the shared tab, fouled up search, and a lot of other "interesting" changes. Maybe I wasn't a beta tester by getting the pre-releases, I thought I was. Anyway, I think this is the latest thread on Windows RC (Release candidate) - first link below. They usually start a thread as they release a beta, and pin it in the green area at the top of the forum - see second link below. BUT, they don't fix the problems before they go GA on the unsuspecting users. Guess they just can't or won't kee http://discussion.ev...windows-461-rc/ http://discussion.ev...m/126-evernote/ After using the second link, log on and follow the Windows 4.6.1 RC thread. He might post the next beta there. If your stuff is important, you had better keep it backed up. There should be an Evernote folder (do a search), Should do that regardless. This is no guarantee. Have seen people with lost data due to sync not working, or worse. Stuff happens. There should be a single .EXB file. Did you sign up twice, maybe? Mine is in the DATABASES folder inside the EVERNOTE folder. There is only 1 .exb, but there is an .exb.bak, but they could have changed it since which was the last beta of 4.5.10, I believe. I'm holding where I am. I don't like disruption. Good Luck. I think you should go to the first link above, and repost your question about betas. dlu, is the first poster, and he should know. He seems to announce betas.
  2. To make sure you get support, be sute to go to help, and open a ticket.
  3. I'm thinking that Evernote has become so complicated, that they no longer know what all it actually can do (what customers depend on). Then they get some people, and do major upgrades. I'd bet they don't even upgrade the right version of the source code, at times, so stuff just goes away. Poof! And with all the artsy Mac people wanting it to look like a beautiful work of art, maybe the majority is getting their satisfaction.
  4. Do some searches on here about restoring old notes, or database. Somebody created a new account, and renamed the databases so they could get the old notes. Let me know if you can't find it. Make sure you only use a copy of the local DB, and keep the old original, and the current DB, too, just in case the server wipes you out, etc. I really don't recommend that anybody assume that the evernote servers match their local db. Always back up the local db using cloned drives, and cloud storage such as idrive, just in case - I use cloned drives, and https://www.idrive.com/p=idr101 nightly. It keeps the last 30 incremental backups of the files themselves, such as the evernote db, in case you have to fall back, or the evernote servers get out of sync. Support might need to rebuild the server index, but make sure you make a copy of the evernote folders that you mentioned, untill you are sure everything is ok, or "forever". I have asked for some kind of audit program (now known as an APP), that would compare the local en with what the server has, but I really don't think they want to know. People would probably be outraged if they knew. So, nothing in it for Evernote, plus the extra traffic it would cause, so I don't expect to see it. Keep backups of your en folder(s)! And I've had various problems (no known data loss, but who restores) with idrive, also. It is the nature of computing nowadays, them flying by the seat of our pants. Good luck! Maybe... http://discussion.ev...t-on-computers/ http://discussion.ev...-local-folders/ http://discussion.ev...-after-upgrade/ http://discussion.ev...ncomplete-sync/
  5. Under "tools", "options", the "note" tab has a not checked check box saying always show PDF's as attachments.
  6. Evernote has a clipper. Might not need yours. You could sign up for free Evernote, and find the Evernote folder, then record its size, and look at usage (click) on the top right of the Windows app page. Then load a bunch of your stuff out, sync, and check what it is looking like. This should tell you.
  7. Oh good! Glad it worked. But, I would add a note, and slightly update another note, then do a sync. Then I would go to www.evernote.com and log onto it, and make sure theose notes updated, and that everything such as counts at the bottom of the screen for various folders matches up, as far as you can tell. Just being careful. Good luck!
  8. You do know that in tools=> options, at the bottom, is the path to the Evernote folder? And if you moved the stuff without updating this, and ran the client, it might have created a new db? Try shutting down the client via file=> logoff, then make sure that path points right. It points to the whole folder, and not just the db. Of course, make sure you know the password first. Just suggestions. Good Luck! By the way, if you were connected and allowed a sync, and regardless, I would log on to the web version, and check that everything seems to match.
  9. Business and personal info should never be mixed on any device, and any system. Doing so is a recipe for disaster! This situation is being pushed by technology hounds, and it is a huge danger. It is also forbidden by company policy at many major companies, last I checked, and for good reason. The company must act on any info that you accidentally share, no matter what it is, any time they come in contact with it. Anybody that reads or looks at it must report you. That is one reason Evernote does not allow the delete. Once you share, the data belongs to the company. Good luck with that! And if the company lets you display their info on your device such that it can be stored by you, or remain on the device, they have lost control, and put the company at risk. Some places in the past had sealed up the cd drives, and USB, on company PC's, and now look. Bet the CEO's don't have a ruling on their liability, or yours, on this yet. If this direction is to continue, the device needs to have a demarcation, such as a complete partition, between personal and business, but that does not necessarily mitigate. At the very least, personal Evernote should not talk to Business Evernote in the same session. Evernote seems to think this merge of personal and business access is the way to go, and has fouled up several platforms due to rushed implementation of this, but note well the damage possible to the user of this facility, and the company that allows it. It seems to be ruining the Evernote we originally signed up for, also. Good Luck!
  10. Uh, I think he means that he can see and arrange notebooks on his computer screen, and nest them. They take up a spot in perceived and visual reality, like putting things in a file cabinet and folders, instead of just going around the office, and marking the stuff with tags, then maybe having various lists of the tags that he can look at and search. Some have great spatial memory, not for lists. He said that was how he perceives things, and he might be really good at it. He said that tags seem to be abstract to HIM. By abstract, he means that they do not have a position in space that they occupy. They are not an object that can be positioned, etc. He did say that is how HE perceives it. Windows had folders that nest, and that is what many people are used to, surely. Maybe it was wrong. Don't know. So, tags give a way to cross reference items in all file cabinets and folders whether related or not, but many still want their file cabinets in a building of multiple offices, in an office area with multiple rooms, in a filing room with multiple cabinets, in a file cabinet with many folders, in a folder with many notes, and some of those notes are clipped together.. Spatial. The items exist in space. They have a specific location. (By the way, I'm thinking that the folders we see in the UI, only appear to exist, as simulated by the UI, but they do APPEAR to actually exist.) meanwhile, back onto the subject of nested notebooks ...
  11. Have you gone to help then technical support, and opened a support ticket? That is where you are supposed to report actual problems, as far as I know. I think that is your best bet, and if somebody on this forum helps you, so much the better.
  12. The normal way to exit Evernote, as far as I was told, and as I do, is to do a file exit or file signout in the top left corner. Mine does a sync when I close it that way. I think the thing in the tray is the clipper, so you are closing down via the clipper. But when I do the file signout, the logon screen comes up and I do your right click exit then to close the logon screen. You do have sync on exit checked in tools profile sync (no reply necessary if yes). Guess the right click exit from the tray should act the same though, as you say. Somebody want to help? (Maybe you should open a ticket)
  13. kvitekp, Just saw somebody else downgrade from 4.6 to 4.5, and you mentioned that it might cause some problem(s). Do you know what exact level the database change was made so we can figure out if these people are screwed, or what? And if they upgrade to a certain level after the downgrade will it correct them without damage? And, I've seen a huge number of the Mac people downgrade from 5, so I don't guess they have this database change situation? Thanks!
  14. Anybody who downgrades from 4.6, please read and monitor this thread... http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32402-are-programs-in-evernote-autoupdate-folder-for-fallback/
  15. Anybody who downgrades from 4.6, please read and monitor this thread... http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32402-are-programs-in-evernote-autoupdate-folder-for-fallback/
  16. Anybody who downgrades from 4.6, please read and monitor this thread... http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32402-are-programs-in-evernote-autoupdate-folder-for-fallback/
  17. Anybody who downgrades from 4.6, please read and monitor this thread... http://discussion.ev...r-for-fallback/
  18. So, what if somebody downgrades to 4.5.10(7472) or 4.5.9(7390), would that be a problem? (answer thgis first, please, for everybody's protection). Actually I would like to go back before the "fanned card deck" that is totally useless when selecting merge material, and it prevents any verification of what is being merged as each item is clicked, like we used to have. Any idea where that change went in, and whether I could downgrade before that? I used to be able to sort of verify the notes as I added them to the merge stack, but that was taken away at some point. And "Shared Notebooks you automatically removed when you no longer have permission to access" was a bummer - I can't know what somebody took away. Memory loss, and no way to find out why, because it's gone completely, maybe bymistake!! So, by the way, are users still down below 4.5.9 still ok since they did not upgrade? By the way, I was thinking that I saw people downgrading from 4.6 to some 4.5 level, so we need to know if they are messed up, or what, hence some of the questions. Thanks! By the way, I saw no warning that if we installed a certain level that we could not go back. Shouldn't something like that be told to beta people, if not included in the release notes, for everybody?
  19. Actually, I think it is now to the point where the Evernote people don't even know what all "features" they have now. After all, Evernote is truely amazing! That is why extensive testing by experienced employee testers, then experienced and varied users, is necessary, before changes are moved into production (going GA). And this means correcting those problems identified that were introduced by the change, before going forward. Flying by the seat of the pants into "production" of a mission critical environment is no longer a reasonable idea. I was at a major bank, and we had to give that up maybe 15 years ago. Mirrored sites are now required. The "Personal Computer" is no longer a toy. Change control is now needed.
  20. "ever111, as you were told you were resistant to change, you must ahve had a non-forum conversation. Would you share how you got to communicate with the EN team." It was in another thread - like maybe the Windows 4.6 beta 2 by a staff member. (This was already answered by somebody else previously, but in case you wanted to hear it from me) ;-)
  21. Well, that's the whole point of my question. These seem to be the releases I previously auto-installed, thank goodness! It looks like these could be used by people to downgrade after falling into the pit with a new release? Maybe some install planner had the sense to save copies so we could fall back. Looks like it. An archive? I see quite a few people downloading previous releases from various non-Evernote websites, which is surely not safe. Maybe they could use this facility that seems to be in place, instead of taking a big risk. Any idea who would know?
  22. Well, nobody seems to be able to answer this, si I'm openin g a ticket. Good Luck to me with that - DUH!
  23. Keep the complaints coming, and maybe it will sink in. One of their guys indicated I was resistant to change. Well, I'm resistant to disaster inflicted on me and other users. Not the same thing.
  24. So, many (probably a huge number of people) still having major problems with Evernote Windows that was put out as GA (GA should mean "Tested, and PRODUCTION READY), and the Mac people are suffering with lost data and no sync at all. This entire product is now not ready for the public, but that's who it was given to! I'm runing XP, by the way, sitting at Good luck Everybody! Hope they let us know if the servers get to a situation where 4.5.10 won't work with them any more, etc.!
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