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  1. It's been 6 months. Still no location on my notes. Has Evernote just blown this off?
  2. Notes saved on my Android device aren't saving any location information. In addition, I can't find any location settings in the settings menu. Has geo-tagging of notes been taken away? Even if my notes were being tagged with location info, I can't find a way in the Android app to search or sort notes by location. I use Evernote almost exclusively on my phone. On rare occasions I use the web version on my Chromebook, and even less frequently on my wife's Windows laptop.
  3. You can give her your Evernote email addy. She can then add notes via email, specifying the name of the notebook with @notebook in the subject line.
  4. On the other hand, if the trip is in the near future, just paying for one or two months of pro isn't expensive. No need to commit to a years worth.
  5. I hate to say it, but use Google docs. I love Evernote for storing information for myself. For FREE collaboration, you can't beat Google Docs. Evernote is only good for collaborating if all users are paid users.
  6. Being able to pick contacts from a drop down list when sharing via email would definitely be a plus. The lack of this feature almost makes share via email useless in Windows. My workaround is to sync my notes, then share via email from the web client or android. The web client accesses my gmail contacts in the drop-down list. In an ideal world, when I sync the desktop client it would also sync with my gmail contacts from the web client.
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