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  1. I logged out from Evernote, deleted the local app directory in the Mac library and then did a fresh sync from the cloud. After than the export worked properly. Feels like something about the local DB upgrade with the recent update caused the issue.
  2. Thaanks! Ill create a ticket. I'll separated out one of the problem notes and tried to attach the enex, but with even one note its too big . Uploaded to https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByGjstfK4KXGbGFJUkRPMkFnTjQ/view?usp=sharing However, when separated out, it doesn't give an error. but when in an existing notebook, it does. I'll try to re-sync everything from the cloud and try again
  3. Hi, After the most recent update of the Mac Desktop client, i get several errors when exporting a notebook to HTML. Enex works fine, but the HTML fails. I have tried to move the notes that result in error out of the notebook, so see if its just recent notes since my last backup/export. But, that is not the case. Notes added a few months ago that used to export fine, not result in an error. The error message I get is: "Evernote was unable to load the data for a resource on the note titled ''. Also, the export doesn't log the error and continue (ignore errors) so at le
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