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  1. I logged out from Evernote, deleted the local app directory in the Mac library and then did a fresh sync from the cloud. After than the export worked properly. Feels like something about the local DB upgrade with the recent update caused the issue.
  2. Thaanks! Ill create a ticket. I'll separated out one of the problem notes and tried to attach the enex, but with even one note its too big . Uploaded to https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByGjstfK4KXGbGFJUkRPMkFnTjQ/view?usp=sharing However, when separated out, it doesn't give an error. but when in an existing notebook, it does. I'll try to re-sync everything from the cloud and try again
  3. Hi, After the most recent update of the Mac Desktop client, i get several errors when exporting a notebook to HTML. Enex works fine, but the HTML fails. I have tried to move the notes that result in error out of the notebook, so see if its just recent notes since my last backup/export. But, that is not the case. Notes added a few months ago that used to export fine, not result in an error. The error message I get is: "Evernote was unable to load the data for a resource on the note titled ''. Also, the export doesn't log the error and continue (ignore errors) so at least other notes get exported. Since it halts the export process, its all or nothing. This seems to have started with the latest update - Version 6.7.1 (453574 Direct) - on Mac OS 10.11.5 (15F34) Any help appreciated. I'm a premium user with a few thousand notes in Evernote. Its seems like suddenly export to HTML became unreliable.
  4. I'd like this feature as well, even if a basic version. The reason i'd prefer a solution integrated within EN vs. a third-party program that syncs to its own notebook is the ability to attach the sketch to a note - to maintain context for same reasons we add images to notes - and edit the sketch from that location. Personally, I need a basic version (sketch, erase, colors, point thickness, undo) and not really any handwriting recognition. Linking notes between notebooks would address the context abit Any suggestions? Nik
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