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  1. Strange, I used to see this bug consistently (http://www.evernote.com/shard/s63/sh/19e50ae1-b134-41e2-9f75-47b267f8a306/5ca6f42f835c55dd0633c41e8a5715b7) but I do not anymore. I'm also running on on Windows 7 also and just tested it. I was hoping that it had been fixed in a recent version...
  2. This has been a *cough* feature of Evernote for Windows since I've used it (about 2 years now). I've seen several forum posts related to it with no real interest from devs/etc in fixing it. For all that Evernote is amazing at there are a fair shake of really tedious bugs like this that make me yell obscenities at it on a regular basis. For whatever it's worth, it seems that restarting Windows or Evernote fixes this problem most of the time. No real help, but hey misery and company eh?
  3. I think I like this approach as a quick and temporary solution. I realized that the tags would show up in the regular search a while ago, which is what eventually led me to want to go down this path. The only problem left with this is when actually applying tags the list will still be a bit too much. I can probably mitigate that by adding some sort of prefix to any of my "inactive" tags. Thanks for the suggestion! I would like to learn the ins and outs of the API for other uses too though, so I will still pursue that route. It looks like if I go the Web-API route and use Python that the OAuth 2.0 stuff shouldn't be too bad since there are some user friendly libraries. Is this not the case? I wouldn't really call myself an experienced programmer (C/C++ in school and occasionally at work, and a bunch of back alley scripting languages at work), so the Cloud-API seems like the way to go. -Jon
  4. Hi all, I've gotten myself into a bit of a quandary. My tags list has grown to the point of being unwieldy and unuseful (a few hundred probably). I have found that for most things, I prefer searching my notes anyway and so the plethora of tags seems even more in the way. I'd like to pear down the list to something much more meaningful and easy to remember. However... many of my notes were created/tagged with the assumption that the tags would be the main means of finding them, and so are missing key bits of text that will help me find them in the future. What I would like to do is figure out a way to append all of my tags to the end of all of my notes in a relatively automated manner. 1. Is there any way to do this currently? 2. If not, what might be the best/easiest method to create something to do this? (i.e. PowerShell scripts, going through the native API or web API, something I haven't thought of) Thanks for any advice you can share on this... -Jon
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