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  1. I just looked at some other apps and they all have one thing in common with the V10 - they use the same standard web style fonts. This is one thing that I feel really set V6 apart from the others, having way more control over formatting your notes by being able to use fonts I have installed on my computer. I'm still using V6 because of this (and other reasons). I just installed the latest V10 and it's getting better but still miles away from V6. I get that one code set probably makes things easier for them and "it's what everyone else is doing" but now V10 is just another note taking appli
  2. Count me in as someone who isn't happy with this update. For me it's a giant step backwards. I understand the company wanting to rewrite the application in something that makes it easier to maintain and add functionality in the future. I work with databases and have written database applications before and completely understand how good it feels to get rid of bad, old, hard to maintain legacy code in favor of new shiny stuff. What they should have done is release this version as beta and asked people to test it (I'm sure they did but it obviously wasn't ready to come out of beta). There a
  3. How do you go back to 6.25? I can't find a download link anywhere. I have used the Send Feedback option to send them many comments. I've also tried hard to have it be constructive feedback, not "you're a bunch of idiots", that doesn't help at all. Count me as someone who's not happy with this new version, it's a giant step backwards in my opinion. I'm hoping they are listening to everything we are saying and will either update this version to have all the missing things or realize they made a mistake with this version and roll back to the previous version.
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