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  1. Same problem here. For what it's worth, I dont think the browser matters - tried from Chrome Firefox and Brave (which is simply a chromium wrapper) to the same error as the original poster (230506.png). I don't think the browser matters, because I tried to re-clip each article from the context menu inside the Evernote app itself. I've assumed clipping was handled by EN servers based on how it used to work (press clip, come back some hours later and it'll be "magically" done). Even tried re-clipping from the app with different default OS browsers selected. I'll also mention, that a failed re-clip will lock me out of the note, even though I'm the note owner (230511.png).
  2. YMMV as checkboxes (and I imagine other special-formatting elements) don't copy over from the template. I tried creating the new note out of "ENML content" instead of "HTML content" but it didn't affect the result. Any ideas, veritrope? Have you run into this bug before?
  3. I made an applescript to implement templates. It uses evernote's logic to create the note and opens upon completion, so you don't have to deal with importing & exporting files. The script assumes that your template lives in the same Notebook as the notes you'll be creating and is tagged "template". For more on Evernote & Applescript (like how to assign multiple tags and so forth) check here: http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/mac.php tell application "Evernote" set {year:y, month:m, day:d} to (current date) --extract elements of the date for the title-- set new_note_title to m & " " & d & ", " & y as string --this will be the title of your new note-- set new_note_date to (current date) --change this to edit the creation date of the new note-- set notebook_name to "Daily Record" --the notebook where your new note will be made & which contains your template-- set template_tag to "template" --i assume your template will be tagged as a template-- set tag1 to tag "daily_record" --a tag to assign to your new note-- --This section extracts the template file & copes its contents as HTML-- set template_list to find notes "notebook:\"" & notebook_name & "\" tag:" & template_tag --the above query must return ONLY the template you're looking for. in this case...'notebook:"Daily Record" tag:template'-- set template_note to item 1 of template_list --gets the first matching item of the "find" command-- set template_content to HTML content of template_note --grabs the template's content-- --construct the note-- set note1 to create note title new_note_title with html template_content created new_note_date notebook notebook_name assign tag1 to note1 --Open the note in its own editor window & close the main window-- open note window with note1 if window 2 exists then close window 2 end if end tell tell application "System Events" to set frontmost of process "Evernote" to true (edit: bring the note window to the front) ps. I tried to attach the actual script I'm using, but the forum doesn't allow it...So, instructions for use: select all of the code, open Applescript Editor, Paste, Click Compile (to check that it works for you), and then Save As with type "Application" to either make a clickable app or assign a keyboard shortcut. Good Luck, Have Fun!
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